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Terminator Zapper Testimonials

“I have been using your Terminator Zappers for about 10 years now. I bought two because someone in the family was always borrowing mine. I mostly use mine regularly at night during my 8 hours of sleep. I wear it on the sole of my foot in my sock. When I get a toothache or staph infection or feel a cold or flu coming on… I will quickly wear both zappers continuously for 2 days straight and that takes care of the problem so I don’t get sick. Thanks to your zappers, I haven’t been to see a medical doctor in over 10 years and I haven’t taken antibiotics in over 10 years. I am 57 years old. Thank you!”

“I find Zappers – at the very least – reduce severity of things so you can fight it yourself. With a Nurse wife, we’ve done some testing. My wife considers the zapper a premier medical tool as a result of our lab work done with it. She has validated clinically that it kills urea encrusted E-Coli strains – you may want to mention that in your materials. Very tough to kill urea encrusted E-Coli. It takes a couple days of consistent zapping to kill it, but it does.”

“Hi Don.

I’ll try to keep this brief, but I have noticed so many benefits from my Terminator Zapper in such a short period of time, my head is spinning! So you know a little bit about me – I’m a 56 year old single male, retired at 53 and loving it!

About eight weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Blastocystis Hominis, a fairly common intestinal parasite. I probably had them for at least six weeks prior to diagnosis, based on how bad I was feeling. It took awhile to realize that something wasn’t right. I was craving and eating mostly junk food because this is what the parasites craved. After eating, my stomach would be bloated and the contents would churn and churn as my millions of parasites were dining.

I currently do not have insurance, so $500 later in doctor bills and 7 days of antibiotics that did absolutely nothing to help the situation, except to make me feel worse, and I was done with traditional medicine. I hit my computer and I hit it hard – I had to find an alternate solution for my problem. Within 24 hours I had learned of and ordered the Terminator Zapper. And thank God I did. The results were nothing short of MIRACULOUS!

As soon as my zapper arrived in the mail (8-2-14), I put it on and wore it that night. The next morning I bounced out of bed like I haven’t done in years! At the time, I didn’t really notice that my back pain was nearly gone or that I had just “bounced out of bed”. I was concentrating on my stomach, which was no longer bloated! I was ecstatic! I could not believe the nearly instantaneous results! I felt 100% better! After nearly eight weeks of misery I was literally stunned at the quickness that my Terminator Zapper took care of the situation. I wanted to dance in the streets!

In 2009 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back. I do not like taking traditional drugs, so I have become accustomed to daily back pain. It took me a couple of days to notice that when I wore my zapper at night, upon awakening I would literally bounce out of bed instead of moaning and groaning like I usually do. The pain is not entirely gone, but I would say about 50% of the worst pain is eliminated, or otherwise neutralized. Physically, I feel like I’m 25 again. AMAZING!

I live in Tucson, AZ and there is something out here that bites me around my ankles only during the monsoon months of July/Aug. The bites don’t show up for hours after I get bit, which has made it very difficult to narrow down what is biting me. The itch is unlike anything I’ve experienced! I get huge red welts and the intense itch lasts about 3 days, making sleeping the first two nights nearly impossible as nothing seems to subside the itch. Later that same day, I noticed bites around both of my ankles – but no itch! Where is the intense itch? Gone. Non-existent even though I have the red welts to prove I’ve been bitten. Later that day I took off my zapper and forgot to put it back on. About 20 minutes after removing my zapper, both of my ankles exploded in one sudden RUSH of intense itching!! I immediately put my zapper on and after about 20 minutes, the intense itch once again subsided. AMAZING!

I’ve been wearing my zapper for six weeks now, 24/7 for the first 30 days as required for complete parasite elimination. In addition to the above, I’ve also noticed a couple other benefits since wearing my zapper. I’m much more “regular” in the restroom, even going back to before I got the parasites. I’m usually more on the constipated side. But not for the last six weeks. Things are moving more easily and regularly. Even better than when I take a laxative like Metamucil.

And lastly, I have one heel that is cracked, very painful and usually bleeding a little due to the dryness here in the desert. I will apply lotion daily to this heel. Even doing this, it remains cracked and painful. But since I’ve been wearing my zapper, I have not been having to put nearly as much lotion on, if any at all. The area that was always cracked and bleeding has heeled over with a rougher patch of skin. It’s still cracked and dry looking, but there is no more pain or bleeding. It’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve applied any lotion and the heel is doing just fine! Since I’ve done nothing else for this condition, I can only attribute this “repair” to my zapper.

I’m still on the lookout for other health benefits and will keep you posted if I learn of any. Needless to say, with my parasites gone, my back pain cut in half, no more intense itch from the bites, being more regular and no longer walking in pain… life is not just good, it’s great!!

I also feel so much more confident knowing that there are alternate methods of healing oneself other than traditional “quack” medicine. I feel that my life has changed forever and in ways I couldn’t have even imagined prior to finding my Terminator Zapper.

God bless you Don and your lovely wife Carol for all that you have done for humanity!”

Ecstatic in Tucson,

“I have been noticing amazing results my self. I’ve had a lot if trauma and depression. And probably parasites and candida. As soon as I started using it I have been feeling really happy and more energy on all levels. I am accomplishing simple and difficult things quicker and reaching goals that I’ve tried everything to do and a lot less worry. I didn’t realize how much my body needed this til after using it. Yes a customer of yours referred me exhausted and said I needed this, so I got one. Thank you for all the info! This is a great healing tool!!”

“Hey, I’ve been using your products for years its great stuff.
I discovered you about 5 years ago and used one of your zappers
to cure my mom’s sinus infection.

She had a sinus infection off and on her whole life, been through surgery,
lots of drugs, but nothing worked. One day she was so sick that she decided
to use the zapper I had been telling her about. When she started zapping
within 20 minutes black ooze came out of her nose and then she immediately
felt better.

Now she is cured, so thanks”

“Hello Don and Carol,

Just wanted to let you know my family and I  are amazed at the results we are seeing.  Like you said the scabies was killed off within the time period you said it would!  I must admit Im still living in fear it will return.  But I am trying to embrace this new science, it really is a miracle.  To have a small amount of energy from the originator of all things, the Creator himself, to share it with mankind !  What a gift of love.  And thank you for continuing to help people in a very affordable manner to get there health back, such a miracle.  Thank you.

It is such a new way of thinking I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around it.  But in the meanwhile my children are eliminating so many internal parasites that I can’t believe it either, even my poor little 8 month old daughter.  She was the first of course, she is so little, and then the other children as well,  I imagine it will take some time to  purge the body of these things.   We  have the herbs to do the parasite cleanse on its way.

Well just wanted to let you know how things are going and to tell you thank you,’


‘I would  like to tell you that we have been using  it  quite often  with   amazing results. My elder son is 26  and  suffered  from Lymphoma Non-Hodgkin.  He’s been followed by an Homeopathic doctor and has used the  zapper since then.  He did an CAT scan and the doctor asked him what he has been doing because the  nodules have disappeared.’

‘Hi Don Croft, first I’d like to say thanks for your product! I bought the Terminator Zapper and I wear it every night, and I sleep so peacefully. I feel like I get good quality sleep. Before, I would wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and going back to sleep was difficult because my mind would just remember what things I have to get done the next morning. I would be wide awake and wouldn’t sleep until hours later. Now, when I wake up to use the restroom and go back to sleep, I am able to and very quickly too. So, now I sleep enough every night and its also good quality sleep. I wake up so happy!’

‘Dear Carol,

This is regarding the FAQ on Zapper – “How do zappers cure arthritis and high blood pressure?” – https://www.worldwithoutparasites.com/f.a.q.html

I graduate Med University (Forensic Pathologist) 10 years back in Belarus (do not practise since then) and I decided to check if it has been confirmed by science that fungi are indeed responsible for the atherosclerosis. And look what I found as a proof to your words on official first-source-world-med resource – article dated 2007 from German University:
Fungal rDNA signatures in coronary atherosclerotic plaques.
full pdf is here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1462-2920.2007.01415.x/pdf

It may by posted on FAQ page for reference, if needed, or just for sharing info with you.

Thank you for yours and Don’s input to humanshealth!’

Best Regards
Eduard Vitun

‘Hi Don,

FYI – One more helping Documentary from PhD in biology – prof. Bruce Lipton.
Bruce was working with stem cells and came to a surprisingly new (to many people) conclusion about roles of the gins in genesis of diseases.
In this video Bruce speaks about “Energy Vibration” as a “new kind of Healing” !
Watch it for yourself. I thought it may be useful to included in to FAQ too, for those who are seeking for a scientific explanation of how and why zappers are operates and help.

One more article that might be useful to know regarding 15Hz frequency you are using in zappers:
Inhibition of motor cortex excitability with 15Hz transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS)

Conclusion there stating: “We propose that tACS may have a dampening effect on cortical networks and perhaps interfere with the temporal and spatial summation of weak subthreshold electric potentials”
First what came to my mind was Parkinson’s disease. Please let me know what do you think about all this?

And thanks for finding time to response, ‘

Best Regards,

“What do you think of David Wolfe’s new Zapper? How does it measure up against yours?”
Kind Regards
Damian D*********


I actually got one from one of our own customers to repair. It had broken apart, so we got a good look at the inside, too.  The only repair needed was to superglue the cover back together.  I took some photos of the inside and outside, which I’ll soon share but I won’t put those or these comments on our website.  I never criticize competitors, there.

The circuitry is covered with silicon and the only other time we saw that was when some agency was promoting a ‘Don Croft Terminator’ knockoff (along wiht many pages of fake testimonials) six years ago, which actually hurt our sales quite a lot until I got one, took it apart and showed that it was only a capacitor, a hearing aid battery and some bits of broken colored glass,all embedded in silicon in the little black box.  DWs zapper has a iny magne with a coil around it but it’s not a mobius coil and Carol says the energy from it is insignificant.  We’re flattered that someone spent a small fortune producing a poor imitation of our Terminator but there’s something stinky going on with those people.  I have a hunch that they’re the same bunch who made the previous knockoff.

It’s no better than the $35 basic zapper from ctbusters.com, we were relieved to discover after testing it. The multiple frequency and multiple amperage have no good uses, as far as we can tell.  Note that there aren’t any good testimonials for it on his site, even a year after it was introduced.

We figure he was either extorted by an agency to promote it or else he simply got conned by someone but people who see him at shows tell us that he’s still using ours and doesn’t mind saying so.

At the last show of his where we sold our zappers (Nov 2010), two of his presenters were molested by the gestapo at the airport and their  Terminator zappers were taken away.  This has never happened to anyone else, as far as we know, and we’d probably know if it had.   This might be evidence of extortion directed at DW.

We’re not sore at him, especially since many of the things he recommends have benefitted us enormously in recent years.


“Hi Don,

Hoping you are well. I bought your terminator zapper late last year and quickly stopped using my ventolin…which I could not lie down to sleep without using every night. This has been a huge success. I use the ventolin very very occasionally when it has been raining for days and everything is damp (I live in a rainforest) and when I have eaten crappy food. Many thanks for this!!”


“Hi Don,
My name is Mark. I have purchased two of the terminator zappers and they really have been life saving. My mother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer in June of 2011. She was given 3 – 6 months to live.  I gave her a zapper and she uses it everyday.  On  November 11th she received the results of the most recent pet scan. The scan showed no cancer. Her doctor could not believe it.”

“Hi Don,
I live in Western Australia and purchased 2 of your zappers a year ago.
Since receiving them I have used them to fix numerous health issues on myself,family and friends. They are a brilliant machine and when people see what they can do they are very impressed.
My daughter had two warts that would not go through normal medicines, yet after use of the zapper they were completely gone in 4 weeks. Then my mum had a spider bite on her stomach that got infected and had a massive 12 inch red zone on her stomach. The doctors said they could do nothing but give her antibiotics and send her home. I took the zapper to her and after 2 hours the redness had receded and the wound was starting to heal. Not to mention my Mum found out that the zapper will eliminate parasites after being placed on the stomach. I told her that is another great use of the zapper. She said she had never felt so liberated and alive.
As a result I have a lot of interest in people wanting me to get them zappers.
I was wondering if there was any way I could become a distributor in Australia for you products and promote and sell them.
They work and when people see how they work they are amazed that such a device exists.
They can make a difference to peoples health and as a result improve people lives.
I have eight people wanting me to get zappers for them and I am sure it will expand a lot from there.”


“Hi Carol and Don,
I wanted to get back to both of you with some positive feedback on the Terminators and my observations.  I’ve been working with a local healer for personal treatment ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/259470917562/ ), and I lent him one of the Terminators when he got an infection from a leech bite.  He was using it in combination with tee tree oil and some conventional meds, and avoided having surgery to drain the area.  He’s been using the Terminator for about 3 weeks now and it’s helped get rid of the hard lymph nodules from the bite area.  Personally, I’ve noticed the Terminator has an immediate affect on lymph drainage.
My friend Sim (the healer above) decided to then try out the Terminator on his patients.  After he does his treatment, he would use the Terminator on them for about 10 minutes.   One patient in particular came back to say that for the first time he did not have a fever after Sim’s treatment.  The affects of the Terminator seems to mitigate some of the effects of the toxins that come out after Sims treatment.
Another report, a few weeks ago, my sister-in-law was hospitalized with Leptospirosis.  I asked my father-in-law to send his Terminator over to her (mine was with Sim at the time), and when she used the Terminator he muscle pain immediately ceased and she was able to sleep.
I’d like to be a distributor of the Terminator in Malaysia.  Please let me know the requirements, etc.”
Thank you!

“I received the terminator the day after I wrote this email.  I have used it for about 3 days and without thinking about it, woke up this morning feeling better than any time I can remember!

Thank you so much for your work and study of orgonite!”

“Hey, Carol, I’m REALLY happy with the zapper!  I know that candida causes dark circles under the eyes.  Before I received my zapper, I remember thinking, if this device takes away the dark circles under my eyes, which have been there so long, I can’t remember when they weren’t there, anymore, I’ll be sold completely.  I’ll KNOW it works.  And it has!

I’ve hardly been wearing it, either.  My partner and I were sharing it, he has a chronic infection that I want healed, but it seemed to make him worse, and he wouldn’t wear it.  Sigh!  So I put it in my sock and started wearing it.  Today my partner keeps saying, ‘Wow!  You look so…………fresh!’  lol.  When I explained what had really happened, NOW he’s wearing the zapper for me.  Hahaha.  We agree.  We MUST get another one!

Thank you so much Carol!  LOVE THE ZAPPER!”
Love and a hug,

“Well sinus infection is gone now and also my weird fatigue,that i have
suffered from ever since i was 17 and i am 24 soon.
I have been very thin for all of my life and i would have to eat 6-8
meals a day if i would want to put on weight but now i feel like i am
very full after 3 meals a day.
My head also feels clear since i used to suffer  from “brainfog” and
my stress related bowel problems are gone.
I feel better than i have felt ever since i was 16 and i have been in
a long journey to find something that would “heal me” since for long
time i knew something was not right.
I had tried almost every supplement available to chinese – indian –
amazonian herbs to superfoods.
I have been playing competitive basketball and i feel like my mind is
so much stronger now from all this hardship i went trough with my
health and now i can finally live my life with whole heart and not
worried that something is wrong. Thank you.

I don’t know what is going on here but I have been moving the zapper to different places on my body based on what I know my weaknesses are and the results are incredible.
Stiffness and soreness are going away.
A mass in my breast has shrunk and if I use it over my gut or intestines or pancreas it seems to reset them. Suddenly I’ll have regular bowel movements and meals seem to satisfy me for longer.
If I use it over my adrenals my stress dissipates.
I also feel a cooling sensation everywhere.
I also thought I was allergic to gluten now I think not. I seem to have no allergies.

Is the pulsing like a ‘whop whop whop’ feeling? Not painful, but a bit of a thud? That’s my experience of a fresh Battery in a Don Croft zapper.. I like to cut the toes off a sock, then pull the sock up my leg and place Don’s zapper in the sock against the leg. I have slept like this for days with only positive results. In my experience – energy wise, the zapper GREATLY encourages energy movement through the body, a very distinct improvement/increase in the flow of chi in the body is what I generally note.

To encourage chi flow I rest on my back, and then ‘clear’ my head.. Chi seems always impeded by our thoughts – in my experience. As the chi rises you can feel it pulse through your body. When I use the zapper this overall sensation is elevated by what feels like another 50%, which is one reason why I love the product so much, and have recommended it to dozens of folks. It’s why I have two of them (one I keep forgetting to send for service). Zapper is popular around the home, even with my 7 year old! My wife wants one for each member of the family (5), but that would get a bit too expensive for now, unless I can work out a package deal from Don for 3 more. <grin> I consider zapper one of my top 10 essential tools in the home, along with a few really good, and really potent traditional chinese medicines.

You need a miracle cure, and I believe the ‘Real’ Don Croft zapper may provide it.. It’s certainly cured fairly dangerous issues over the years around here.

I’m so excited and thankful for this! This one is for a friend. I got mine yesterday and have been wearing it since about 3:00 pm and thru the night. I had been checking my pH for the last two mornings and each time it was around 6.0. This am it was 7.5! ( using pH test strips with urine) anyway I can’t wait to see what other changes take place in my body.
Thanks again!”


First let me say that in the past four days since I’ve received your zapper in the mail, it has already completely changed my life and especially my health!!  How do you do you put into words the joy that comes from experiencing life with out stomach pain after living with it day after day for 6 years and being completely consumed by it?  You cant, all you can do is praise a higher power, something greater than yourself for giving you this incredible gift.  Sometimes I just want to fall down on my knees and cry with joy.  It is miraculous what has happened to my health and my clarity of mind in such a short period of time.  With every ounce of my being, Thank you for this gift you have given me and others around the world!!  I am just in awe of how beautiful this life is and what the future holds for me now.  Thank you Don and much love for all that you do!!”


“Yay! I got my zapper yesterday.  I used it all evening until the wee hours!. It cleared my sinuses, stopped a shoulder pain (semi-chronic) and this am I noticed tinnitus reduced.  I am very excited about it and am also reading the books  of Don”s and Georg [orgoniseafrica.com]. Wonderful!”

“Dear Don,

I am still using my zapper with great results! it’s incredible the flow of energy and it really doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding!
I also had the courage to place it on my baby for twice with great results, too.
But the reason for this email is to let you know that my mum had a rash of Herpes Zoster and I gave her my zapper. Great news: although medicated the ‘expected evolution’ of the desease -At the hospital she was told that she had to deal with it for 2 weeks- didn’t occur and she is much better after 2 days wearing the zapper!!!
So from now on I will share this device with everyone in need.
I was at your website looking to buy the terminator zapper, but it is not available and at  www.ctbusters.com it isn’t either.
Could you please send me the link of a seller of your trust and that isn’t too expensive please?

Thank’s a million!”

“Dear Mr. Croft,

I wanted to send you this email a few months back but I was waiting to make sure that my results were really concrete. I am 28 years old, I was overweight and sick in a variety of ways – fungus all over my body, all types of parasites and severe edema – compounded by the fact that I use a wheelchair from my Cerebral Palsy which I’ve had since I was born. My doctor kept telling me that I would always have fungus all my life. He also loved to tell me over and over that the only way I would lose weight would be by starving myself of essentially any food at all because I can’t be active the traditional way. Obviously, that’s not going to happen so he loved to “warn” me about the high likelihood of diabetes as a result of the extra weight. Surprise surprise, I start using the Terminator and a huge number of creepy crawlies start dying off all over my stomach and my legs and the edema goes all the way back down. I did a blood test this year (a year to the day from the last one) and the doctor’s office called me in shock because my glucose levels were so low. They asked me, “Are you okay?” I said, “Yes, of course. Is something wrong?” The nurse in question said, “Normally when glucose levels are that low, that low, it means you’re dying.”

Suffice it to say when I heard that, I bought two more, one more for me and then one for my elderly 68-year old Mom.

I adore you and your wife and I’m truly grateful for all that you have done and continue to do.”

–Sami Ahmed, Long Beach, California

“Wow, wow, wow! Before I head to bed I have to tell you I have been
wearing the zapper in the band of some tight leggings on my abdominal
area for only FOUR hours and I just had a BM full of long skinny
worms. I cannot believe this worked so quickly. I am super excited to
see what changes can happen during one month if this happened in just
a few hours. My husband, who is an extremely logical engineer, was
convinced the zapper would be a worthless hoax. I made him take a look
at what happened tonight and now he wants to use it himself.”

T-RX Zapper Testimonials

Oct. 2019

“Hello Carol… just wanted to let you know that my friend had me wear the T-Rex last night to experience what it was doing and explain it to him. I found it extremely powerful… when in my left hand I felt the vibration up and down my spinal cord and opening up my crown chakra and third eye, distinctly. Very very inspiring. When in my right hand, I felt the vibration in my thyroid (which I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer many years ago and have been healing it all naturally on my own since)… and felt the vibrations up the back of my neck and into channels in my ears, brain stem, occipital ridge, and back of the skull that in the past have given me GREAT pain, I assumed associated with the block in my thyroid. The power of the T-Rex is distinguishable for me when compared to the basic one, and the basic one is still a favorite of ours as well. I wore the T-Rex and the basic one all night, switching hands a couple times through the night. I’ve shared all this with my friend so his understanding and inspiration for wearing the T-Rex has increased. He is wearing it now after taking a break for a night. He is getting stronger all-round and we are thankful for your devices!

Thank you,

“I wanted to thank you for the beautiful The T-Rx©, Modified Terminator Zapper I purchased 2 weeks ago for my mother’s 80th birthday as a gift. She has been a diabetic for 20 years and she has tried hundreds of different things during these many years to lower her sugar level all in vain.
I instructed her as it was stated on your website to use it 24 hours a day. By the 6th day her sugar level came down from 200 to a daily average of 105. She also noticed that her arthritis pain in her hands were gone.
I just wanted to tell you how appreciate we are to you for making this genius product and making so many suffering people’s lives happy again.”

“I have worn my harmonic protector for some years, as well as the T-Rex zapper, and have had an astonishing recovery from almost being fully disabled when I started.  I can walk, talk, think, work now, virtually like anyone else.  I still tire easily and have to pace myself, and only can work about 8 hours a day, but what a gift that is!”

“Just some additional feedback about mine. I was in a bad car accident 2 years ago and have been dealing with the damage to my low back and right kidney, all that time. Massive charlie horses in the right leg too. After the first night with the ‘rex on my kidney, two years of incontinence is gone. No surgery, no exercises. God Bless You!

The charlie horses were so bad, the muscles would feel like it was contracting then expanding like it wanted to tear itself apart. They both stopped the spasms dead, but the ‘rex made it stretch in all directions and basically was massaging itself into submission, kind of like a hard ball of silly putty that needs heat and patience to soften up again. The weeks of tenderness and pain are just gone and the irritation is so minor, it’s barely a bother compared to before.

I am So Grateful for your improvement over the last one. Keep up the good work!”

Ann Marie

Thank you for your help. I have sent the one I broke for Don to repair. I told my mother about the zappers and let her wear mine a little while now she wants one. I just ordered one from your website before I typed this e-mail.
I recently ordered one of your modified T-Rex zappers and noticed a few differences, it felt more powerful in that I could sense it more when I first put it on, the other thing that surprised me from my regular zapper (that is in for repair) is that it does not tend to burn if I leave it in an area too long. I truly think your zappers are why I have not been sick a day since I started wearing them. Just wanted to pass along that information to you. A very satisfied customer.


I would be happy for you to put my comments in a testimonial. Once you have used a zapper you will want one for the rest of your life. If everyone had a zapper, doctors would go out of business. Thank you for repairing my other zapper.”

“I’m so excited and thankful for this! This one is for a friend. I got mine yesterday and have been wearing it since about 3:00 pm and thru the night. I had been checking my pH for the last two mornings and each time it was around 6.0. This am it was 7.5! ( using pH test strips with urine) anyway I can’t wait to see what other changes take place in my body.
Thanks again! ”


First let me say that in the past four days since I’ve received your zapper in the mail, it has already completely changed my life and especially my health!!  How do you do you put into words the joy that comes from experiencing life with out stomach pain after living with it day after day for 6 years and being completely consumed by it?  You cant, all you can do is praise a higher power, something greater than yourself for giving you this incredible gift.  Sometimes I just want to fall down on my knees and cry with joy.  It is miraculous what has happened to my health and my clarity of mind in such a short period of time.  With every ounce of my being, Thank you for this gift you have given me and others around the world!!  I am just in awe of how beautiful this life is and what the future holds for me now.  Thank you Don and much love for all that you do!!”


“Just to comment – I wear the T-Rx all night and take it off in the morning for longer sleep which I need, and I’ve done this since shortly after I discovered this with the Terminator, which I bought about six years ago. It’s worth a couple of hours sleep. It also gives me an overall calmer feeling generally. It also affects my dreams in a way which normalizes them. I stopped wearing it for a few weeks last year – and the difference is unmistakable. And I wear it 24/7 sometimes for certain situations.”

“Hi Don,
…The T-Rex is (for me) better [than the Terminator].  The disks both got dark rather quickly, and I can’t point to a specific thing, that’s been healed, but I am feeling better, a heaviness of spirit caused by severe allergies and life-at-large– has lightened. And my body seems to be wanting me to wear the T-Rex 24/7.
In fact, I ordered another one, in case I break this one. “