Refund Policy

With the introduction of T-Rex and our link to the inexpensive Basic Zapper we’ve decided to stop offering refunds for all of our products. Since we mainly sell by referral and to distributors we rarely get asked for refunds but I’m writing this to ask you to be sure that you feel confident that we’re not trying to cheat you. If you feel particularly skeptical about the claims made for zappers, why not first try the inexpensive Basic Zapper from, then if you like what it can do you may want to try a Terminator.

I think that you’ll find that curing sickness with a simple electrical device is not an outlandish idea, nor is it miraculous, though I’m still impressed by it after nearly 14 years in the business (I’m writing this in December, 2009).

The basic zapper circuit is a powerful curative device. The Terminator adds healing capabilities (with several subtle energy components) to the curative function of the zapper circuit; the T-Rex adds increased healing and awareness benefits. Curing, healing and increased awareness are three separate but complementary processes.

I’m a naturally skeptical person and I advise people to never accept claims blindly. We still prefer to sell our products by referral.

Don Croft