History of the Zapper

A Brief History

I started making Zappers in March 1996, soon after reading a bit of THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES while using a Zapper that I bought for $125, made in Yelm, Washington.

The morning after my first zapping, I awoke with a feeling of euphoria, which I couldn’t explain. After a few moments, I remembered there is a connection between depression and brain parasites. I cured myself and ‘got happy’. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I began asking friends and family to try my Zapper.

My enthusiasm must have sold them as I was astonished by how readily most people agreed to try my Zapper. A friend, guinea pig really, agreed to use the Zapper and quickly cured several acute health problems. Her visual transformation over the course of a week remains as the most remarkable event that I’ve witnessed.

My friend became as excited about the Zapper’s possibilities as I was. I began making Zapper units to lend to her friends. In all, roughly thirty Zapper units were loaned out which accounted for cures of varied illnesses including cancer, lupus, migraines, herpes, depression, colitis, ulcers, and a plethora of other ailments that baffled their doctors. The thirty plus Zapper cures were validation enough for me and I have been confidently building Zapper units ever since.

I discovered the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich a year or so after finding out about Zappers and then began making orgone accumulators in many configurations and sizes, based on the excellent basic material recommendations of Serge Kahili King in his book, EARTH ENERGIES. It was obvious that the orgone devices had a healing, regenerative effect that was mostly lacking in simple Zappers, which I believe are good curative devices.  Healing the body and curing diseases are apparently separate but complementary processes.

My sauna is also now a big orgone accumulator.  The older technology is still very useful.

After another year passed and I learned, indirectly from Karl Welz, how to combine metal particles and catalyzed resin to make a material which seems to collect, concentrate, transmute and radiate all ambient subtle energy into life force (orgone) rather than to just collect, concentrate and radiate unbalanced as well as balanced ambient subtle energy.  Welz named this material ‘orgonite.’

Don Croft and daughter, Nora, at Mount Shasta.

Don Croft and daughter, Nora, at Mount Shasta.

During this period my daughter, Nora, who was able to accurately see and describe the subtle energy effects, helped me develop the various tools. She’s the one who enabled me to see that orgonite is a step beyond accumulators. When Carol and I got together, a couple of years later, we began developing specific orgonite devices for the market.

The intelligent distribution of simple devices made from this material (which Welz had named, ‘Orgonite’) in the environment throughout the world has since led to the formation of a global, grassroots network of thousands of self-motivated but effective planetary healers and Carol and I report our own related activities on ethericwarriors.com. We dedicate our efforts to Dr. Reich, who sacrificed his life in 1957 to promote the basic, simple scientific truths on which our own environmental work is based.

It was the addition of orgonite, along with some other subtle energy elements, that turned the zapper into a genuine healing device in early 2000 and quickly led to the development of the Terminator, our Zapper model, which other manufacturers, here and abroad, are now emulating. It’s mainly the addition of orgonite to our Zappers that causes them to ‘feel good to use.’ That feeling is perhaps a result of orgonite transmuting one’s destructive emotions and the energy of parasites into strong life force (orgone). This enhances the healing, restorative processes in the body. Carol and I add her proprietary mix of gems and minerals to each Zapper’s block of orgonite  to enhance that interactive response and to help us keep a competitive edge in this growing industry.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who coined the word, ‘orgone’ in the late 1930s as part of his subtle-energy research, worked according to high intellectual and personal standards and Carol and I have done our best to live up to those standards, which is why we claim no arbitrary authority.  We don’t consider university degrees to convey authority, any more than an honorary title from Joe Stalin or Jerry Falwell might but we carefully research and field test all of our inventions and modifications before offering them for sale. The other devices shown on this website are Carol’s inspired creations and she has started crystalinsights.net for people who want to look into the uses of various subtle energy components for orgonite devices.


“We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non-existent Dr_Wilhelm_Reichauthority on matters utterly unknown and strange.”

–Wilhelm Reich




The Zapper trade had been overwhelmed since the start by an astonishing volume of false scientific claims, groundless warnings and irrational recommendations, most of which came from lettered, well-known people who really should know better, in my opinion.  All of that has probably done more to slow down the dissemination of this powerful and empowering, simple technology than a government pogrom could have accomplished. Our main competitor, who had Jaguar Industries, was railroaded into prison for curing cancer in the middle of 2000 and we took our business on the road for a year until the suppression campaign stopped. I think that the medical/pharmaceutical cartel came to understand that directly persecuting zapper makers was counterproductive.

If you think that earning university degrees indicates discernment, personal integrity or even balanced intelligence you may be in for a rude awakening.  In fact ‘the dust of acquired knowledge’ is more often known to ‘obscure the mirror of the heart’ than to enhance one’s rational faculties and finer perceptions and people who earn university degrees usually have to re-educate themselves in order to put what they’ve learned in a balanced perspective.  The Church of Settled Science still denies the existence of the ether, for example, even though most of Tesla’s landmark patents involve the ether in a primary way.

Anyone who has been through university science training and still has an open mind is a gem, in my opinion (Carol and I have no degrees) and is capable of figuring out that real science includes an understanding and appreciation of the ether and related technology.  Tesla was just one of those, as were Reich, Rife and several other pioneers but Western universities typically persecute pioneers and blackball anyone who will not uphold their atheistic/materialist mystical theory that the universe is founded on accident and chaos.  Someday, open-minded, courageous scientists (a tiny minority, right now) will get sufficient funding to research groundbreaking new technology  like zappers and orgonite.

In many cases university training is little more than institutionalized prejudice and parasitism, as anyone who’s visited a MD for anything but injuries or reconstructive surgery knows. It really is time to revamp our educational systems in light of new, more powerful and liberating information.

Meanwhile, most of our referred customers just don’t care about that; they experienced one of our zappers or other products or trust someone else who has reported positive results and they  just want to buy one.

Since we now sell more Zappers than anyone else in the market I intend to use this bully pulpit to do my best to put all of the mystical beliefs, groundless warnings and confusing recommendations from overly-imaginative scientists to rest and to move this profoundly simple and effective technology into it’s proper position in mainstream awareness as soon as possible.

When that happy day arrives I fully expect that the bloated, global medical/drug cartel will implode for lack of business and the only people making a living in the healing trade will be genuine healers, not high-priced, white coated parasites and serial killers.  (Most MDs, in my opinion, deserve incarceration rather than fabulous wealth).

Don’t believe any claim of the zappers until you’ve experienced it yourself, of course, but suspend denial and judgment long enough to try one, at least.

If you’re particularly doubtful–and why shouldn’t you be?–why not try the $35 basic zapper from our friend, Andy Schwarm, at www.ctbusters.com?  Carol and I developed this model for distribution during our trips to Africa, where our East African associates on ethericwarriors.com (our international forum)  now tell us that they routinely cure AIDS, malaria, the deadly fevers and infections, dysentery, snakebite and even such conditions as elephantiasis.

The State of Idaho Corporation moved to shut us down in January 2014 but they backed off after I removed my own reports about zapper cures and they extorted us to agree not to sell to customers in Idaho. I’m now only reporting what others have told me rather than report my own observed results over the years.  If something like that happens again we’ll simply move our business to a country that’s not a police state.  This business has been portable since the beginning and we intend to prevail.

We don’t get a nickel from the sales of basic zappers but I prefer not to sell zappers to anyone who has not directly seen the benefit of our work or has not been referred by someone who has been satisfied with our products.

Most of the zapper testimonials on this website site came from basic zappers like that one, which I was making in the first couple of years in the business.

~Don Croft, Hayden, Idaho 2014