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In late 2012 the Idaho attorney general threatened to shut us down on account of some casual statements in this website’s FAQ document, so we deleted the FAQ and agreed, under extortion, not to sell zappers to customers in Idaho. We felt like we’d been raped–it was pretty creepy and humiliating but, in spite of the draconian event,  it also underlined the fact that it’s wrong to even imply that our zappers are going to cure someone, even if empirical data support the notion.  In fact, unless someone has experienced our zappers or seen them produce positive results I encourage that person to first get a $35 [2015 price] basic zapper from our friend, Andy, at ctbusters.com. Carol and I developed that basic model for distribution during our trips to Africa, many years ago, but we’ve never sold it.

I was so determined not to be blindsided like this sort of threat, again, that I drove our motorboat to Belize last winter with a friend from Spain who was experiencing similar woes at the hands of the Spanish covert gestapo and that’s paid off nicely.  We’re not tied to one spot and we know from our previous experiences that the agencies of the corporate golem (‘the New World Order) disdain chasing moving targets.  We also keep a comfortable motorhome in another state.  Why not turn survival into a game? We, as a species, don’t need to be ruled by parasites, by the way.

I imagine that a simple and effective curative and/or healing device is a direct threat to the hegemony of the once-invincible, corporate pharmaceutical/medical syndicate, which has a history of murdering and imprisoning health pioneers for the past century or so.  After the internet became established we’ve known of fewer and fewer such events.  In the few years before the internet came into being I watched the harmless, beneficial ozone, magnet and colloidal silver industries collapse and expire under coordinated slander campaigns, imprisonments and a flood of disinformation.  So much disinformation was produced about zappers in the early years (beginning in 1996, which is also when I got started making and selling zappers) that I think it has set back the dissemination of this simple technology by many years. It might be that if it weren’t for this active suppression agenda we’d all have $5 basic zappers from China by now and the murderous pharma/med cartel would be a forgotten nightmare.

I feel certain, though,  that before very long everyone on the planet will have a zapper or will have access to one.  The basic model will be produced in Kenya by our African associates for the East African market, pretty soon, because there’s now sufficient market demand for them, there.   The market is ultimately more powerful than the tyranny of parasites and I believe that’s especially true, now.

We never explicitly promise a cure to anyone because that would be dishonest. Our zappers have an excellent reputation in spite of occasional slander campaigns because our customers are usually on hand to ‘answer back,’ whenever agency trolls attempt to defame our products in public venues.  This process is well known by now.  The vast Delta Protocols agenda, which has been in place since the late 1940s, is a case in point and one purpose of this massive programming effort, even on the internet, is to convince us that people in general are naturally disruptive, insidious and confrontational.  That’s simply untrue, of course. Most of us don’t even personally know anyone like that, so why is the internet overflowing with these personalities and why do the other media and academia mainly promote hopelessness and despair?  Our friend, Jeff Miller, regularly adds to a thread on ethericwarriors.com that he calls, ‘Positive Changes That Are Occurring.’  It’s really up to us (ordinary people) to provide the antidote to this social poison by simply talking to each other publicly and sharing empowering news and information.

I doubt it’s possible for anyone to fairly predict individual cures or healing because there are just too many factors involved, including the user’s own resistance to healing energy, which may even defy the laws of physics a bit. The human mind and will are quite potent, for good or ill. It’s too bad that health isn’t as contagious as sickness, though.   In the Testimonials section we share stories from our customers about their success with zappers but I recently noticed that a lot of the testimonials have disappeared, most notably the ones about having gotten rid of cancers.  It’s also been a challenge to keep a photo of freshly killed intestinal worms on the website–it keeps disappearing not long after we put it back in place on the homepage.  The ‘zapping baby’ is still in place after six months or so. That one also kept disappearing.   Even though this website is on a secure server, located in a close associate’s home, the NSA can still ‘edit’ the content when we’re not paying attention but this is an endorsement for us amount the more discerning people who concede buying our products, I believe.  This also happens to some of the content, especially links, on our ‘extracurricular’ site, ethericwarriors.com. As our good friend, Dr Steve Smith recently noted, ‘Google is the NSA’s clown name.’

In this document I’ll attempt to combine a FAQ with zapper instructions. I think we’re the only zapper manufacturer that encourages an entirely rational and effective approach to using these simple and empowering devices.  Otherwise, i think everyone’s zappers are effective if they’re use intelligently and used enough.   I discovered very early that complicated protocols discourage most people from using zappers properly.


A battery-powered zapper is a harmless device and we believe that the way to get the most from it is to wear it more or less constantly (copper discs on bare skin or perhaps hair)  for the first month or while still sick.  These devices can be worn conveniently under clothing by most people.  Very active people may prefer to wear it on wrist or lower leg  under a tennis sweatband or to put a large piece of hook-side, adhesive-backed velar on the zapper’s lid to help keep it in place under clothing. I mentioned hair because many pet owners have told us that they had success zapping their pets through the fur and we’ve also had this experience with dogs, cats and horses. We simply haven’t tested it on human hair but let us know if you get definitive results, please.

Drink a lot of water for the first couple of days!

The initial, apparent destruction of perhaps hundreds of species of parasites (worms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) might be challenging for the body to efficiently eliminate at the start so drinking a lot of water can sometimes help us avoid the temporary discomfort that all of that detritus in our bloodstreams and lymphatic system might cause, such as mild headache, drowsiness, nausea, etc.  This is generally not experienced after the first day of zapping.

It doesn’t really matter where on the body it’s worn because microcurrent instantly spreads throughout all of the body’s tissues and fluids (evidently including cerebrospinal fluid, inside the eyeball and the contents of the intestines) but one can take advantage of the apparent, strong healing field effect, which extends for at least a foot all around the device, if one wants to improve local healing or destroy especially resilient parasites in a certain part of the body.  I have no definitive proof that this is happening but empirical evidence over the past 20 years in this business certainly support the notion. Real research is costly and very few individuals can afford to get it done, in fact.

…or else the acid in your body may create a small, cauterized hole through the skin within a few minutes as the acid apparently collects and  seeks the shortest path from the blood and lymphatic fluid to the positive electrode disc.

If you fail to move it and have created the hole you can heal it in a few days, without scarring, by putting vitamin E oil in a BandAid (plaster) over the spot each day.  Most people have found that they become properly alkaline within a few days or weeks after starting to use a zapper, even if they’re eating food that typically causes one to be acidic. I’ve heard from a few zapper users who remained acidic much longer but those are exceptional cases which I can’t account for.

You will never have this hole problem on palm or sole, no matter how acidic you are, so we recommend putting the zapper on palm or sole during sleep, which we feel is the most productive time to use a zapper for its apparent  healing and restorative effects.   Many customers have found that zappers work on pets (cats, dogs, horses, birds, etc.) through their fur and feathers so it might work through human hair, too.

The subtle energy components in our zapper models seem to be what produce the additional healing and restorative effects in our two models, though I hasten to add that you might not experience any of this and/or you might not notice it if it’s occurring for you.   The T-Rx model has stronger apparent  positive effects than the Terminator, according to what we’ve observed, been told about and experienced over the years.  Otherwise, they have the same electronic circuit that’s found in Andy’s basic, $35 zapper on ctbusters.com.

The other characteristic of our zappers that have alarmed some is that they seem to encourage the body to detoxify itself in regular cycles.

The body will wisely store toxic material that it’s not able to eliminate in a timely way and this can build up over time and may eventually start to cause serious problems so it’s necessary to get it all out if one wants to achieve and maintain vital health.  One also needs to stop poisoning the body in order to stay ahead of the process.  Americans seem to be the most severely polluted people on the planet so this is a serious issue for us and ought to be attended to.  Obesity is one of the ways our bodies handle stored toxic material, for instance.  Some feel that this is a process of dilution rather than gluttony.  When I was a kid in the 50s every home had and frequently used  a deep fryer, filled with pig fat and I think people ate as much then as now but obesity wasn’t endemic, then.

The T-Rx model stimulates detoxification a little more vigorously and deeply than the Terminator and detoxification is a healthy and necessary process so please don’t be alarmed by this temporary, relative discomfort: it’s a positive sign in our opinion.  It isn’t ‘cold,’ ‘flu,’ or ‘infection,’ even if your doctor claims it’s so.  Neither model will cause this to happen in a traumatic way but it can be slightly debilitating in the first few cycles, depending on how toxic one is in the beginning and probably also due to some other factors.  You may find that these cycles get progressively milder and farther apart in time if you’re improving the quality of your diet.  Even MalWart is selling organic food now, by the way.

The T-Rx is particularly challenging to people who have a lot of personal resistance to energy and information, though, so we try our best to only sell them to people who are emotionally stable.  Using the Terminator won’t  likely challenge unstable people this way but it might in rare cases.  I always hope people who have not seen our zappers work will first try an inexpensive basic zapper.


We believe the fastest way to know if one’s sickness is chronic or acute is to use any zapper for a couple of days.  For enquirers who are not directly referred to us by our customers, we strongly recommend first getting a $35 basic zapper from ctbusters.com.  If one feels better after that time, then it may be that the condition was acute and was simply being caused and maintained by living pathogens, which zappers evidently destroy efficiently in a short time, in general.  If one feels slightly worse than before then we subscribe to Dr William von Peters’ view that certain vital organs are not working sufficiently well and need to be restored before one can achieve vital health.  He’s been selling our zappers since 1998 and has a good track record curing chronic, ‘uncurable’ conditions.

A good intermediate step between discovering that one’s condition is chronic and seeking professional solutions is to get a bottle of ChemBuster. It’s been curing about half of the chronic sufferers since 2002 who have taken it and one will generally know within a week or so if it’s working and in that case one is probably on the mend without the help of doctor. Chronic sickness became endemic in all of the industrialized countries in 1999, within months of the initiation of the global chemtrail agenda. It was an experimental bioeaponry campaign for many years before that. I got sick from chemtrails in California in 1995, for instance, and cured my condiion in a day with my first zapper, a few months later.  Repeated exposure evidently led to damage to specific organs, including liver, spleen and kidneys but I don’t think I got that many aerial doses–I just had a chronic cough and low energy.

The incidence of new cases of chronic sickness dropped nearly to the  preceding level by 2003 after the chemtrail agenda was neutralized by thousands of home-built orgonite cloudbusters in the affected countries.  I’ve been lucky to be able to track things like this over the years because I’ve heard from scores of thousands of sick people around the world and they generally tell me their symptoms. I don’t know enough to doctor anyone, of course, but it’s easy to see the patterns of distribution and timing of biological weaponry campaigns, which are quite common these days. A more recent development is evidently the introduction of nanoweaponry and sometimes a combination of nano and bioweaponry but none of this has approached the scale of the chemtrail agenda.

Dr von Peters is one of the few  ‘old-school’ naturopaths left on the continent and that generation of physicians were well trained to cure sickness rather than just practice on it.  Most physicians typically misdiagnose acute and chronic conditions because they are not trained to look for the causes as their predecessors were. Nor are their affiliated laboratories competent or reliable in most cases.  Until the vast, parasitic medical/pharmaceutical cartel has been exposed and discarded I doubt we’ll be seeing many competent new physicians in the world but I think that will all come to pass in a timely way.

Since zappers lack the capability to restore compromised vital organs we’ve been referring such customers to the Doc since the 1990s and he generally cures them through the mail, based on a hair sample.  His email is drvon@uncurable.com.   After we became alarmed by the new chronic sickness endemic we asked the Doc to develop a restorative remedy and since he introduced it in 2002 It’s been curing about half of the chronic sufferers who have taken it and one will generally know within a week or so if it’s working and in that case one is probably on the mend without the help of doctors. He spent six months in the beginning, researching the cause, then he soon figured out which homeopathic and herbal elements to combine for the harmless remedy.  There actually are a few physicians to take the Hippocratic oath to heart and ‘do no harm.’

We prefer to sell by direct customer referral and we hope that everyone else will first get a $35 basic zapper from our old friend, Andy, at ctbusters.com

Carol and I developed that model many years ago to distribute during our trips to Africa.  We wanted to know, first hand, whether zappers would cure the African version of AIDS and  the observed results, there, were consistently positive.  Our East African associates, who now distribute them in ten countries, have been reporting that the basic model has also been routinely reversing malaria, cholera, the deadly fevers and infections, dysentery, snakebite and even elephantiasis.  I was bitten by a rattlesnake in 2004 and in the half hour it took for me to reach the car and start using a zapper my leg became swollen and very painful.   The pain stopped instantly and the swelling subsided in a few minutes.  I never experienced any other symptoms and I didn’t seek any other form of treatment in that case. I theorize that the microcurrent from the zapper quickly neutralized the venom.

The basic model is a good for anyone who wants to determine if they have a chronic or acute condition and it’s inexpensive so nobody will feel cheated if it doesn’t meet his or her expectations.  This model lacks the subtle energy components in our two current models but all three have the same electronic circuit and voltage, as I mentioned above.

The most popular misdiagnosis for conditions caused by damaged vital organs at the moment [2015] seems to be ‘Lyme Disease.’  The standard American diet seems to have been severely weaponized for many years. We don’t believe that it’s possible to achieve or maintain health right now in America without mainly eating organic food instead of corporate (mainstream) food but organic food is easily available so the solution to  the climbing death rate from degenerative disease is conveniently at hand, we believe.  In our travels we’re finding more and more markets that now even sell organic produce.  Tracking this market trend is, I think, the best way to monitor rising public awareness of genuine health.

Hypersensitivity to EMR and chemicals seems to be another good indicator of chronic sickness, by the way and this has also become endemic to a lesser degree.  Maybe someone becomes hypersensitive after one’s vital organs have been compromised by heavier exposure.

Many people whose skin had always been hypersensitive to sunlight have reported that their skin is more resistant to sunburn since starting to use the zapper.  People with food intolerances also report having less of this problem after starting to use a zapper and while this all seems to be generally true we can’t ever honestly predict or promise that outcome because in some cases people have not lost their food intolerances after having used a zapper for a long period.  Children seem to get quicker results, this way, than adults in general..

Candor is rare in the alternative healing industry and people have told me that they appreciate mine.  Honesty is the best policy, not least because it’s likely to keep us from being railroaded into prison at the behest of the reactionary, parasitic and deadly global medical and pharmaceutical cartels.


If a baby or child is extremely acidic the parent can simply put the zapper on the child’s skin while he/she is sleeping and be mindful to move it every five minutes or so.  Children and pets seem to heal very fast, compared to adults, and I’ve never felt that more than a half hour of zapping per day is necessary for sick children or babies.  Infections seem to generally clear up in one session.  Nursing mothers often zap the infant while nursing and in this case the woman wears the zapper on her own body.


Nobody has done sufficient research to decisively make this determination so everyone (including me) is guessing.  Real research, as I already mentioned, is expensive and is rarely done except by corporation-funded universities or by corporations, none of whom are likely to take an interest in zappers since most of their funding comes from humanity’s enemy, after all.   I can’t think of a powerful corporation (golem) whose existence is not directly or indirectly threatened by personally-empowering  technology like this.

I favor the more rational and simple theory that zappers simply supply a steady stream of free electrons into the body and this ensures that the static field throughout the body will remain healthy, which is to say that there’s an abundance of free electrons present.

Two bits of observed evidence support this:  smog, which is similar to an internal infestation of parasites, is the visible result of the colloidal suspension of toxic particles in the atmosphere and that’s made possible by a deficit of free electrons in the ambient static field, which is why a bit of lightning quickly clears a smoggy atmosphere and causes the air to smell like ozone; the toxic particles drop out of suspension instantly.

Our zappers all have one frequency: approximately 15 cycles per second (Hertz; Hz)

I’ve never seen any evidence that this very mild electrification process in the body or the lightning-induced cleaning of  the atmosphere, has anything to do with frequencies.  There’s a lot of confusion between zappers and Dr Rife’s resonant frequency generator but the two things represent entirely separate approaches to healing and both are valid, assuming the person who has the Rife Generator has the skill and judgement to determine appropriate resonant frequencies to kill specific species of pathogens. Zappers apparently destroy all species of pathogens at the same time by a different process (gentle electrification). Dr Rife based his work on Dr Abrams discovery that every harmful living organism will disintegrate in the presence of a radio broadcast of the same wave length as the organism’s body length.  A scientist in Pennsylvania in the 1950s was even destroying insect pests in crops this way throughout the state until the Food and Drug Administration fielded ten thousand agents in that state to conduct a successful character assassination campaign against him.  That story is told by Tompkins and Bird in The Secret Life of Plants.  Some years before people began promoting multi-frequency zappers, based on plagiarized frequency tables that were developed by Dr Rife in the early 1900s there was some sort of shift and the frequency tables apparently became obsolete.  Carol and I used to sell zappers wholesale to two Rife Generator operators who were getting good results based on dowsed frequencies, rather. They each insisted that their customers first used a zapper for awhile before they attempted to diagnose and treat them with the machine and I wonder whether they were using the machine to restore weakened and damaged tissues and organs rather than to destroy species of parasites in the body.  We lost touch with them but if they were here, now, I’d ask the whether the successful frequencies could be related to the dimensions of affected vital organs.

Many years ago I heard about a doctor in the Dominican Republic who was curing cancer with a huge electromagnet and at the time I wondered whether this enormous device, which surrounded the patient, was simply inducing a flow of microcurrent in the body, which is how simple zappers evidently work.   The frequency of zappers produces capacitance and when a zapper shows five thousandths of an amp at the discs only five millionths of an amp is measured in the body, which means that only a tenth of one percent of a zapper’s current actually gets through the skin via capacitance.  The miracle, to me, is that so little current is apparently able to accomplish so much. it’s certainly too little current to damage the body in any way.

Solid research has indicated that pathogenic organisms (generally worms, bacteria, viruses and fungi) create the same sort of sickening static field in the body that enables acidic smog to exist in the atmosphere. It’s well known that parasites constantly excrete acids, including formaldehyde, alcohol and ammonia into their environment and there’s occasionally a photo on our website of freshly-killed (by a zapper on the abdomen) intestinal worms, which are already in the process of decomposition: their skin is apparently dissolving.  Acidic environments have a deficit of free electrons; alkaline environments have an abundance of free electrons, simply stated.   I’ve noticed that most highly-educated people prefer complex and abstruse theories over simple and rational ones like this one and there’s a boatload of misinformation about zappers that has been authored by people who wore white coats and had an impressive trail of letters behind their names.

An example of the learned preference for bad but romantic theory over simple, practical observation is that when I started putting the copper discs on the box instead of attaching wires to hand-held pipes I was told by several electronic engineers that this can’t possibly work because the two electrodes are too close together to allow capacitance through the skin.  The only reason I stopped using the handheld pipes was because I noticed that my customers weren’t using their zappers except when they were suffering in the moment because it was just inconvenient for them to hold the pipes.  So I tested my modification on a dozen or so people who had chronic sinus congestion and asked them to wear the zapper in their socks at the ankles. In each case, the sinus congestion cleared up within 20 minutes, which was the same time it took to clear congested sinuses by holding a zapper electrode in each hand.   That was in 1997 and nobody is criticizing our use of copper discs on the box, any more.

There isn’t enough current to transfer copper or zinc through the skin.  I know this because in the early years I was making a lot of colloidal silver. I used the zapper circuit, then switched to simply putting silver wires from battery terminals directly into distilled water. The later method made superior colloidal silver, which was yellow and was determined to contain twenty parts per million of fine silver colloid.  A zapper produces approximately half the current of the battery that powers it. I tried making copper colloid from a nine volt battery but was unable to get any results at all. I wasn’t able to make colloids of other metals with a 9v battery; only silver.

To transfer most metals besides silver into water apparently requires so much electricity that the current would probably be fatal if applied to the body so I can assure our customers that they won’t be metal-poisoned by any battery-powered zapper. Even if that were possible, the copper would be in the form of a nutrient; not a poison.  Americans are deficient in copper on account of destructive farming methods over the past century so if one could get trace amounts of copper from zapping that would actually improve health rather than threaten it.  The issue often came up when I was using pennies instead of copper discs for our zappers because there was a successful, coordinated slander campaign that forced us to switch from pennies to copper discs by 2007. I much prefer the pennies and the basic zappers still have pennies. Nobody’s slandering those yet, strange to tell, even though they’ve been on the market for seven years and are gaining popularity, here and abroad.

There are now several  knockoffs of our zappers on the market that have copper discs on the  box instead of plugged-in, hand held electrodes.  I mentioned, above, that the way to get the most from a zapper is to use it more or less constantly and the size and convenience of our zappers makes that a practical consideration.

Zappers seem to benefit healthful intestinal flora, which are not parasites. I assume this is because beneficial flora are aerobic, which means they thrive in an environment that is rich in oxygen. Oxygen destroys disease-causing organisms in a way that’s apparently similar to microcurrent and that’s presumably also why ozone therapy is so effective. If zappers destroyed beneficial flora, as some claim, we would have become aware of health problems that would have been caused by this and nobody has experienced declining health from using a zapper.  Antibiotics destroy beneficial flora, though, and there are plenty of stories about people whose health deteriorated after using antibiotics. I haven’t had an infectious disease since the day I first started using zappers in March, 1996. I used to get sick at least twice a year before that, though I did quickly knock out a severe flu the first time I tried colloidal silver in 1994.

Zappers are also evidently fine to use if one has a pacemaker, has a transplanted organ or is pregnant.  In 1997 a fellow whose body was rejecting an implanted heart suddenly found that the heart was being properly assimilated after he started using our (then basic) zapper.  It’s the only case I’m aware of like this so I can’t promise that result for someone else.   As I mentioned above, battery-powered zappers are harmless, though.  We’ve sold hundreds of zappers to people with pacemakers and not one of them has complained.  When Carol and I were in Namibia we asked a mother whose infant was dying of dysentery to wear a zapper on herself while nursing her baby and within minutes the baby stopped showing symptoms of dysentery and then fully recovered in a short time.  We’ve sold zappers to a lot of pregnant women and the ones who give us feedback have all said that they experienced more pleasant pregnancies after starting to use a zapper.  Fetuses are not parasites, after all.

Our zapper models use standard, nine-volt batteries.  Some brands are now too fat to allow the lid to close tightly, so when you find a brand that fits, please keep using that one.  There are many rechargeable batteries that fit properly, by the way. but most are too fat.   If you bought a ‘fat’ battery, why not just use it until it dies and then put a proper one in the zapper? Meanwhile, you can keep the lid closed with tape or an elastic band until the battery is depleted from use.

Zapper Care, Maintenance & Repairs


The definitive way is to use a voltmeter: the voltage of the discs is approximately half the voltage of the battery so also test the battery.  If you don’t have this tool, touch both of the zapper’s discs AT THE SAME TIME with your tongue while the light is flashing and if you don’t feel a tingle then clean the discs and try again.  If you still don’t feel a tingle, test your battery by putting your tongue on both terminals for an instant. If you don’t feel a strong tingle from the battery, just replace the battery and do it all again. Sometimes new batteries are dead or very weak.

Removing the battery improperly will probably break one of the battery clip wires sooner or later.  Please watch Andy’s simple instructional video about changing the battery the correct way:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB5rPi62B2I

We promptly repair broken zappers for $20 apiece but please correspond with me before you mail it in so we can make sure that it’s broken.  Some people send me zappers that are not broken and/or are simply not working because the battery is depleted or the disc farther from the switch is so covered by crud that the customer can’t feel the current through the lips.

You can contact Carol Croft with questions and comments or to get your zapper repaired by emailing  caroldestiny@crystalinsights.net. We are always eager to get any feedback from customers, positive or negative.


When the waste material from your body has created a coating on the ground disc (farther from the switch) you won’t be easily able to feel the current with your tongue when you test it and in this case you might assume the zapper is not working.  The coating causes the zapper to be slightly less effective so it’s useful to clean it off. We use a paste-form, water based copper cleaner, which you can find in most grocery or hardware stores.  Getting the discs soaking wet will eventually cause them to come loose from the box because the metal under the glue will oxidize so please don’t wear the zapper on skin that is sweating profusely and please don’t use a liquid copper cleaner.

All Repairs Are US$20, Cash (No Checks)

Please be sure to test it properly if you believe it’s broken, then contact Carol Croft at caroldestiny@crystalinsights.net for mailing instructions.  If you receive a zapper that doesn’t work, please contact Carol so she can resolve it for you quickly.

If you drop the zapper in water, remove the  battery quickly and let the zapper thoroughly drain and dry before re-installing the battery and it will probably work fine.  If you drop it in salt water, also rinse it with fresh water after you remove the  battery.

If you keep dropping the zapper it will probably break eventually so in that case try using the velcro and/or tennis sweatband suggestion.

If you have questions that were not answered in this document, please send them to Carol.