T-rex testimonial

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“Hello Carol… just wanted to let you know that my friend had me wear the T-Rex last night to experience what it was doing and explain it to him. I found it extremely powerful… when in my left hand I felt the vibration up and down my spinal cord and opening up my crown chakra and third eye, distinctly. Very very inspiring. When in my right hand, I felt the vibration in my thyroid (which I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer many years ago and have been healing it all naturally on my own since)… and felt the vibrations up the back of my neck and into channels in my ears, brain stem, occipital ridge, and back of the skull that in the past have given me GREAT pain, I assumed associated with the block in my thyroid. The power of the T-Rex is distinguishable for me when compared to the basic one, and the basic one is still a favorite of ours as well. I wore the T-Rex and the basic one all night, switching hands a couple times through the night. I’ve shared all this with my friend so his understanding and inspiration for wearing the T-Rex has increased. He is wearing it now after taking a break for a night. He is getting stronger all-round and we are thankful for your devices!

Thank you,