Farewell To Don Croft

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We are saddened to report the passing of Don Croft in a paraglider crash on July 21, 2018. You can read more about it on www.ethericwarriors.com. I wanted to post a brief message here to let you know that Carol Croft will continue to produce the zappers. Carol has been involved in zapper production all along and will have plenty of help with assembly, so there are no worries about zappers being available. You can still use the buy buttons on this site to purchase zappers. Distributors can contact Carol directly at caroldestiny@crystalinsights.net.

Carol’s friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with expenses associated with Don’s accident and hospital care. You can check it out at: Β www.gofundme.com/friends-of-don-croft

Thanks to everyone who has donated and sent condolences. Carol very much appreciates your thoughts and prayers.


11 thoughts on “Farewell To Don Croft

  1. Al Arbuckle

    I am saddened to here of Don’s passing. I was just chatting with him via email on Friday the 20th. A great loss indeed. God Speed.

  2. Adam F,

    God that is awful. I just got a zapper a few days ago and I had just emailed him. Really sad to hear this! But you know, he is definitely in a better place. Especially after all the good work he did here. Zapper really helps me a lot. He will always be remembered as a man that helped a lot of people and did what was right for the sake of right! God Bless you Don Croft you will always be top notch in my book! God Bless. R.I.P Bro!

  3. Felix B

    Rest in Peace Don

    Weve never met but youve been helped so many in unseen ways. I pray that my guides and angels will help you and your family in anyway we can.

  4. JT

    Very saddened to hear about Don. What a great guy. Willing to help anyone whether he profited or not. Our loss but the eternal consciousness’s gain.

  5. Djumadi

    I am sad to read the news just now that Don Croft passing. Don you have made many people happy…..GOD ALLAH Subhanahuwatalla bless you in your new place.

  6. Rainbow / Air Shaman

    Even though we never spoke, and have never met, we do send you loving caring protective energies to you and your wife. Your work will live on and so will you. Your journey has only begun.

    Rainbow / Air Shaman.

  7. Michael Mathieu

    I just started using my new zapper today.

    Blessings and peace and love and light on your journey Don!

    I was hoping I might get a chance to know you a little bit…

  8. Dr Paul

    Am wailing, the African way, at the loss of my dear friend and mentor Don.
    I send heartfelt energies to Carol, and you Don in your new dimension. I trust we shall remain in contact.
    Fond memories!

  9. Naomi

    such sad news:'( my condolences to Mr. Crofts wife and family. I thank you so much don croft for sharing and creating this amazing healing tool. It works so well for me, my pets, husband and children I am forever grateful to you. God bless you and rest in paradise β™‘πŸ˜žπŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ

  10. Joanne

    I was just watching videos with him to learn more about my zapper I just received. I couldn’t help noticing even though it is just a video, such a soft spoken, warm-hearted man passionate about healing others. I am sad we have lost a wonderful healer. My heart aches for his family.

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