‘The Danger of Zappers’

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I was so excited to find your site and information.

I’ve been reading up everything on your site about the zapper. I also wanted to know more and did a few searches to find out any cons on using a zapper. So of course I found some info I wanted to check with you to get your take on it.

Some people mentioned the possible effect of bugs the zapper won’t kill to be disrupted and travel to other areas and set home where it becomes more dangerous as the brain or where the currents can’t touch them. Is this the case? I became worried about it and would like to know what your take on it is.

I really appreciate any information on this regard.

Thank you for your work!



Thx, Heidi. I’ll post that disinfo and the following response in a blog on our site ūüėČ

In fact, in the 22 years we’ve been in this biz we’ve never seen evidence of this happening.¬† I think that more and more people have figured out that one of the telltale signs of disinformation is that the person spreading it is not accountable for sharing any compelling evidence. In most cases, they don’t even share their identities.¬† I insist on being held accountable, as I think most people do.¬† There’s a literal army of unaccountable people (and ‘committee’s’ of people who use individuals as fronts) spreading disinformation and fear porn on the internet, now.¬† The pharma/med cartel have an awful lot to lose from the spread of this simple and empowering tech and they have easy access to this resource.

You can probably assume that if anyone had ever been harmed by a battery-powered zapper the entire industry would be shut down and those of us who are in the front row would be railroaded into prison.  Nobody has ever been harmed, in fact.

The only time I saw a zapper fail to get rid of a species of parasites was when a woman in Oregon used one of my earliest, very basic models (1997) to attempt to clear up her severe hookworm infestation.¬† I was present with her for few weeks, nearly¬† every day.¬† ¬†Hookworms have shells, so in the presence of microcurrent they don’t lose their skin integrity, which is apparently how zappers destroy parasites. I wasn’t around her enough to know whether zapping daily would clear up the problem at the end of the hookworm life cycle by constantly destroying the earlier, unshielded stages of the worms but I believe that’s what happened. I’ll ask our East African associates to watch for people with hookworm infestations, invite them to use zappers and then send me the feedback. The Terminator model might destroy the adult stages, for instance. They’ve been terrific over the years about sharing their zapper field data with me. They post reports on our international blogsite, ethericwarriors.com.

Oddly, since then I haven’t heard from any customers who had hookworms, which are tropical.¬† She evidently got infected with them from getting a cut on her hand from a dead poinsettia plant.¬† ¬†This was before I started adding subtle energy elements to zappers.
The photo of freshly killed, large intestinal worms on our homepage clearly shows this disintegration process. These worms were taken during a colonic irrigation; by the time most people (who are observant) see dead worms in the toilet from zapping they look like strings or spots of mucus, rather.


5 thoughts on “‘The Danger of Zappers’

  1. gilles maurais

    j’utilise votre ZAPPER depuis maintenant environ 1 an 1/2 et c,est le modele t-rx et a chaque fois lors de son utilisation sur une douleur musculaire, je le garde sur moi pendant toute une nuit et aussi pendant la moiti√© de la journ√©e et le lendemain presque toute la journ√©e et le mal est 90 % disparue, felicitation pour votre produit,
    ps=j’aurais une question qui na pas rapport avec le zapper, j’ai fait des recherches et j’ai trouver que l’inventeur des orgonites serait un reptilien,??????pour ma part j,en fabrique beaucoup et les resultat sur les gens a qui je les donne sont tres positives, je continue en a fabriquer , mais pour une qualit√© superieur c,est dispendieux , mais il faut programmer les pierres avec notre coeur et de l’experience a ce niveau
    merci encore

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Gotta love translate.google.com! ūüėČ

      I use your ZAPPER for about 1 year 1/2 now and this is the model t-rx and each time when used on muscle pain, I keep it on me for a whole night and also for half of the day and the next day almost all day and the evil is 90% gone, congratulation for your product,
      ps = I have a question that does not relate to the zapper, I did some research and I found that the inventor of orgonites would be a reptilian, ?????? for me, I manufactures a lot and the results on the people to whom I give them are very positive, I continue to make them, but for a higher quality it is expensive, but we must program the stones with our heart and experience at this level
      thanks again

      Gilles, thanks for your support and for writing in French (which I intend to learn, soon). I’m glad to see that you developed your own protocols for using the zapper because I think it shows that you examine reality independently rather than believe something without questioning.

      I visited Karl Welz, who is the fellow I learned about orgonite from, indirectly, and who invented the term, ‘orgonite.’ That was in 2003 and he was sore at me, then for giving away the secret of how to make orgonite. After our visit he was no longer angry and I think he realized that sharing the information didn’t hurt him but may actually have helped his business. I always give him due credit, after all, and our work is not directly related to his, so we’re not competitors. I have the impression that he makes the best radionics devices on the market and after I published plans for making an orgonite cloudbuster, which Carol and i invented in 2000, he developed a more refined radionics device and even traveled to Poland to arrange for manufacturing frequency generators for his then-new invention, which has a dozen programmable freq. generators embedded in an orgonite torus, in th middle of which the witness is placed–quite brilliant, in my opinion.

      I can’t say whether he’s reptilian or not but, to me, one’s race or sentient species is not a definitive factor but rather one’s character certainly is. I’ve personally seen and interacted with reptilians and they’re ‘just folks’ to me. I love diversity ;-). Carol, being psychic, sees and interacts with several other sentient species. I say this in a matter-of-fact way and some may deny it but all of our experiences are subjective, after all. Most people don’t see these things because they’re not prepared to consider that it’s possible.

  2. G Foster

    This month I’m celebrating no sickness for three years using the Terminator. From the very first notice of catching something, mine starts in my throat, I strap it to my bottom wrist for 6-8 hours. Average times used in Ohio per year about 4 times. I don’t leave town without it, I keep a spare. Have tried others, none are as simple as the Terminator. The top 2.5 inches of my socks, work great to hold it in place. I ignored my hunch for several years before I give it a 3 year test. I regret that I didn’t have it when I was working, it would of saved me lots of money from missing work. All people will think your goofy if you tell them about it. It’s now 3 years and I don’t think they will be as sure of them selves.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for being properly skeptical, G ūüėČ . I test things in a similar way–how else can we know? For instance, about six months after I started using zappers (1996) I was concerned about whether I’d developed a dependence on the device, so I determined to not use it for an entire month during the following late autumn, which is typically when I got my annual flu, before. That was the first late autumn, perhaps in my life (except when I was living in the tropics) when I didn’t get sick.

      If you want to get healthier you might try wearing the zapper for a month, straight, and see whether it triggers a detoxofication cycle (these cycles get progressively milder and farther apart if one uses a zapper a lot) and also take steps to get clear of corporate food and other self destructive habits. To me, healing is sort of like oxygen–more is better. My main incentive for increasing my vitality is to be able to keep flying paragliders until I’m a hundred or so, which is coming up in 31 short years.


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