An Example of Overt Suppression of Healers

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Neva is a registered nurse who also has  has been selling our zappers to her customers.  Before that, she had a radio show and informed her listeners in a powerful way about healing. One reason I’m posting this is to run some interference against the sewer rat agencies so that she can get back on the air.

Here’s the zapper promotion on her blogsite:

Here’s what she wrote in answer to my questions  about the poisoning and typically weird interference she was subjected to by the sewer rat agencies, presumably on behalf of the pharma cartel:

Don, God always links us with the people who we need to help us get the job done or aid in our healing.
I told the MRI Tech that it felt like the syringe was switched. I also complained to my nurse and they both thought I was being paranoid. My nurse even convinced me that I was experiencing reaction from my Smart Meter. I didn’t buy it but I moved to another room farther away from the meter as it does cause problems.
I was on the radio too, and got off due to the harassment and intimidation. I wasn’t afraid for myself but I didn’t want to risk getting my daughter and family hurt.
They tried running me off the road twice.
So, I got the message and began broadcasting remotely, not live in the radio studio. Then they mailed my grand daughter a couple gifts from me, just to let me know that they knew where my family lived. I convinced my daughter and her husband to move in the middle of her cancer battle. They did, and I stayed away just in case they were still following me. That way they wouldn’t know the new address.
Well, they mailed my grand daughter a new jogging suit as a gift from grandma. I was shocked when she called to thank me. I was never at the new address and didn’t even know it. I couldn’t convince my daughter I didn’t send the gift. I told her that I didn’t know her new address and to not allow my grand daughter to wear the outfit. Too late, she already did. I couldn’t even tell her what was going on as she was still fighting cancer and stress is not good for cancer patients. I just stop broadcasting completely. Everyone wanted to know why the show was suddenly off the air. I just said I was tired. Not on local radio and not on BlogTalk Radio either. But I’ll be going back to radio…soon. I’m no longer afraid.
So, I understand the harassment that can come from the creepy crawlies…yea, they make my skin crawl.
This is not a free country…You have all these documents saying there is freedom of speech etc. but that is all a lie. Too much harassment for those who know and want to share the truth.
They took over my phone for almost a week. I took it to the phone store to buy a new one and the owner of the store unblocked it. He said he’s a better hacker so I shouldn’t have that problem again. I have no idea what he did but he unblocked it so I could use it.
My home WiFi is blocked, so I cannot use it. My friend gave me an external WiFi so I can use my computer at home. They tore down my websites and gave me so much work to put them back together. Facebook took down our Stroke Foundation page because someone told them I was a fake person using a fake name…I was using my legal name. So I got off Facebook for a while. But I went back using my maiden name and Pet name…That’s Ok with them. How ironic.
They even had my job coming after me for posting about Natural Healing Therapies on Facebook.  Now they don’t find me as they don’t know the name I’m using. They do are despicable. They made me so mad I decided to make this new website…I am not afraid anymore.
Yea, I’ve been using oral chelation with Zeolite and some other chelating minerals. I was a mess before I figured out that I was poisoned in the hospital. It was the Gadolinium…They gave me double portion that last time. I felt it immediately but they all thought I was being paranoid.  Imagine that. I will check out the email you shared.
Thank you for the Zappers. They definitely helped to improve my quality of life. You and Carol are a true blessing.
With much appreciation and love.
[Don here]  Some of our closer associates in Europe have been gangstalked.  I don’t think the FBI, etc., want to try that on Carol and I because we have fun confronting their felonious agents in the field when we spot them. I call them felons because their agencies and jobs are literally against the US Constitution–all made possible by FDR’s NationalSocialist  Raw Deal which instantly turned that document into toilet paper.  England, Russia, Germany, Italy and the US became socialist dictatorships after WWI.  China followed suit in 1949–left and right were by then wings of the same noxious bird.
There’s plenty of documented evidence about WWII being a cynically-managed conflict. I don’t consider the victors to be ‘the greatest generation,’ because I think the present one will be considered the greatest, simply because we’re the ones waking up to ancient the rule of parasites and some of us are doing something about it in an effective way.  The personal sacrifices made by people on both sides of any managed, armed conflict can be praiseworthy, of course, so there are some really old war heroes who are still alive in Germany and Japan, for instance, as well as in the victors’ countries. It’s said, by the way, that the Nazis didn’t lose the war but the German people sure did.  The disgusting CIA was populated with SS war criminals, for instance, when it was born in 1947.
Many years ago, our close associate, DB in Pasadena, who was in a position to have direct knowledge of such things, told us that the FBI, etc, recruit operatives (gangstalkers, for instance) directly from prison but they’re on a leash and can’t carry guns. He told us that the FBI simply kills them after a couple of months. I assume the other sewer rat agencies, such as CIA and NSA, do the same. Carol and I were surrounded by a SWAT team in Florida when we were busting up the hurricane agenda in 2006 and I was surrounded by Men in Black in 2002 after I dropped orgonite along  all of streets that form the inverted pentacle on which Washington, DC, is laid out. I first thought they were just angry morticians with buzz cuts in cheap suits and with guns in ankle holsters but they each arrived in a new Lincoln Town Car.
A rich, balanced and accomplished fellow whom I once worked with, who had been in the US army in France in the early 1950s,  told me that the German Gestapo became Interpol when the war ended and that Interpol was recruiting from prisons, then.  Rather than just shoot them after a few months, though, they moved them around in Europe on a regular basis so that they would not be able to develop their own local criminal networks in their spare time.
The reason I call this website, World Without Parasites, is because I want the world’s body politic to become entirely free from the two legged parasites who are accustomed to ruling it, just like zappers allow us to free our own bodies from parasites.  Our closely related but extracurricular orgonite fieldwork for the past 17 years is recorded on our not-for-profit international network site,



5 thoughts on “An Example of Overt Suppression of Healers

  1. Jenny m.

    All ‘alternative medicine’ is being attacked. Those who dare to cure cancer are ‘heart attacked’ or ‘suicided’. Look at the loads of Naturopathic Doctors who were turning up dead. Dr. Nicholas Gonzales died from an alleged heart attack, but it was probably the NSA or CIA who did it. He had an enzyme cure for cancer and kept up his treatment of patients. All real cures are suppressed, there is no money in curing, only disease. Look at Dr. Johanna Budwig’s flax oil cure, Essiac, Latrile, Johanna Brandt’s grape and fasting cure as well as others.
    It’s way easier to control a population if they’re all sickly and fat and zombiefied on their cellphones and ipads.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for bringing that up, Jenny. When the mass murder of naturopaths allegedly began a couple of years ago I did some searching and discovered that most of them didn’t exist, at least on the internet. Anyone in business is likely to have a considerable amount of info on the web, I think you’ll agree.

      In the past, people who cured cancer were routinely jailed and/or killed but after the internet got established it apparently became a lot harder for these legbreakers for the drug cartel to accomplish that–presumably because too many people are now watching.

      I see that your email ID is ‘chemtrailssuck,’ so I’m assuming that you’re also spending time on chemtrail fear porn websites. If you remember what chemtrails looked like in the years that they were sickening untold millions of people (between 1998 and 2003) then it will be easy for me to dissuade you from blindly accepting the compelling, rather strident claims of the ‘experts’ who are featured on the chemtrail websites: just do more than glance at them; they obviously never descend but rather drift until they dissipate, just like ordinary clouds do. In fact, these are seeded clouds in the stratosphere.

      The chemtrail fear porn websites got established in 2004, after many thousands of home-built orgonite cloudbusters in the affected countries were built and deployed, thus neutralizing that bioweapon agenda. The affected countries are typically the industrialized ones, by the way. Chemtrails are rarely seen in third world countries, so this simple fact negates the fear porn claim that chemtrails are being used for global weather warfare.

      There hasn’t been a bioweapon endemic on the scale of the chemtrail version, I’m happy to say, though there are usually several in play. The current, biggest one is the new version of the Lyme bioweapon and I think that’s gotten so big because weaponized ticks and spiders are being airdropped on population centers across N America, Europe and Australia. I got this from a reliable source who got the info from a CIA guy he used to work with. Our Terminators are getting a reputation for ‘negating’ the new Lyme sickness, as they did in the case of Morgellons, which is probably why I haven’t heard from a Morgellons sufferer in a long time. I used to hear from three or four new Morgellons sufferers per week.

      I think the function of fear porn is to keep its subscribers in a constant state of helpless rage. The purpose of sharing actual information (no matter how unsettling) is to empower each other, rather.

      My good friend, Jeff Miller, in Pennsylvania has been compiling published data, mostly statistical, that proves that in all of the areas where fear porn artists claim the world is turning to $#!+ conditions are actually improving at an accelerating rate: climate, crime rates, agricultural production, the decline of Monsanto/etc., the drop in the cancer rate, cleaner seas and waterways, increasing fish populations worldwide and many other areas. He posts the updates on and has done so for the past three years. He’s the only living soul, at the moment, who is drawing public attention to these positive trends, strange to tell, but if one would like to understand why nearly every person is in a sort of trance, right now, check out to see how popular culture (certainly including fear porn) is a very active form of mass mind control, at least in the West.

      By the way, one of the fear porn claims is that we all have toxic levels of barium and aluminum in our bodies. I asked Dr von Peters whether he’s seen evidence of this, since he gets hair samples from people all over the world, and he told me that barium and aluminum poisonings are quite isolated and atypical.

      1. Don Croft Post author

        There are still some murders happening to health care pioneers but I’ve noticed that it’s usually necessary to isolate them, first. One reason that Carol and I spent so much effort to get stuff on the internet is because we don’t want to get murdered or imprisoned.

        In spite of the fear porn mandate, the enemy of our species are only parasites (hence the name of this website) and parasites are not powerful entities. They’re also terrified of exposure so a large part of the effort is to expose the enemy and their crimes efficiently.

        I’ve found that discernment and accountability are becoming fashionable, now–presumably for the first time in human history. I think it’s the best time to be alive, because of that.

        1. Don Croft Post author

          I should probably mention that the climate for using zappers has actually been improving. A few years ago, MDs started using vastly-overbuilt and costly zappers in South American hospitals and a year ago I even started getting wholesale orders for our zappers from MDs in the US.

          My friend and associate, Dr Paul Batiibwe, who I worked with in Uganda many years ago, still uses our zappers on his patients in the district hospital that he runs, there. In the early years, the World Health Organization exerted some horrific pressure to make him stop but this is an example of how networking on the internet really pays off because he got help from all over the world through and the parasites at the UN can’t stand against that sort of effort. WHO no longer bothers him and he even got promoted to run a much larger hospital some years ago. Since most of the influential people in Uganda have zappers the atmosphere for using them professionally in that country is exceptionally good. We have another close associate there, Dr Rushidie Kayiwa, and his late uncle, the AIDS Commissioner, to thank for that.

          Shortly before I got there, though, the Ugandan MD who worked out a way to cure AIDS with the common Morinda fruit was murdered. The drug cartel evidently had to arrange to get him to England in order to do it, though (an award ceremony?) and if that doc had been street smart, as Dr Paul is, he presumably could have seen that coming and avoided it. We routinely avoid getting murdered, as do a lot of people who are now in the crosshairs of the drug cartel.

          It seems clear to me that MDs in the USA knew better than to offer zappers to their patients, before. I think they’re a fine barometer for the safety climate of alternative healing in this country and that directly contradicts the frantic claims of the mass murder of conscience-driven doctors, don’t you agree? Over the years I’d sold an awful lot of zappers to MDs in the USA who would not share them with their patients. Meanwhile all of the medical schools in the country, including all of the naturopathy schools since the early 1970s, are still being run by the drug cartel so that problem has not gone away, yet.

          Zappers work a lot faster and more thoroughly on cancer than any of the things you mentioned, by the way, which is probably why federal hackers removed all of the cancer testimonials from our website in 2015. I’m afraid to add more, frankly, because on the same day, the Idaho Attorney General threatened to shut us down. You might not feel inclined to believe me because the disinfo sites that have so many people spinning their wheels have a lot more ‘pull’ than I do, due to some rather fancy but hidden mind/emotion-conditioning protocols. I’m content to have a smaller audience–accountable, discerning folks who will stand against this massive parasite. These folks have to dig a bit to find us but they understand that this is how one finds factual information under the shadow of NSA/Google. My friend, Stevo, says, ‘Google is the NSA’s clown face.’ Note that they can’t erase factual information from the internet, though.

          The drug cartel’s agents won’t even draw attention to zappers by condemning them on the internet, you might have noticed. We only get occasional sniping of this sort and they’re apparently just testing the waters. Usually, our customers respond to those assaults and slanders calmly and intelligently and then the sniping becomes counterproductive.

          Quack Watch, one of the drug cartel’s attack dogs (in California) has caused a lot of health pioneers to be imprisoned, though not many in recent years. They tried to prosecute one of our distributors, in New Mexico, many years ago because they were selling our Terminators but these folks have a son in California who is a lawyer and he filed a countersuit, then Quack Watch just went away, which is what you might expect any parasite to do.

          Carol and I have never gotten mainstream publicity and we don’t make special efforts to promote ourselves. If you do a search on us, though, you’ll find hundreds of pages of references and links and when we travel, we often meet people, such as store clerks, who know about our work. In those cases, they recognize our orgonite pendants.

          It’s tough to pry people loose from fear porn but the ones who manage to tear away from it have an opportunity to really help fix the problems that had been terrifying them. I rather enjoy opposing the tyranny of parasites by exposing it, meanwhile–as do many of my friends and confidants around the world.

        2. Don Croft Post author

          Zappers were made unlawful in UK and Canada around 2002, right after our main competitor was railroaded into prison for curing cancer. He could easily have avoided that fate by simply not participating in the system (he evidently ‘hired a lawyer’). When the police state came after us in 2015 we simply moved into our motorhome in Arizona for a few months and moved our business address, on paper, to Carol’s late father’s address in neighboring Washington State. We sure as hell didn’t comply with their demand for us to ‘justify ourselves.’ 😉

          We still live and work in Idaho, by the way. If you want some fun, do a search on some of the predatory bureaucrats you might know about (as we did when that nazi jerk came after us): you’ll likely find next to no information about them but that, too, is in line with how parasites operate.

          Even though zappers are unlawful in those two other police states that law has never been enforced, nor have our zapper distributors in UK and Canada ever been molested by the jackboots, as we were in 2015. Can you imagine the frustration of these corporate, faceless baby killers over their inability to enforce any of their Hitlerian legislation that followed closely on the heels of their demolition of the World Trade Center? That was a long time ago and they’re a lot less powerful, now, than they were then. You’ve surely noticed that. When they did that crime I think they felt confident that they were going to achieve nuclear World War Three within a couple of years, on the backs of Muslims, whom they particularly hate for some reason.

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