Do Parasites Have Consciousness and Will?

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When I started in this business in early 1996 I soon had an impression that parasites in the body exert some influence on the mind and emotions in order to ‘hold their place’ and not be destroyed.  It reminded me of the way that popular culture is crafted in a way that protects and conceals the two-legged parasites who rule the world. If you’re not afraid to leap down that rabbit hole you’re bound to enjoy reading Miles Mathis’ and his guest writers’ papers on

As always, my feelings, impressions and opinions must not be considered authoritative but the notion that parasites in the body exert their collective will on the host in order to protect themselves has been eloquently expressed to me by customers over the years who arrived at this idea on their own.  This is the first time I’ve written about it, I think. Carol asked me to do this after talking on the phone with one of our customers whom she’s met, who said that she was feeling weird, uncharacteristic urges to stop using the zapper .

Since this technology has not been subjected to actual research, which is quite costly and beyond our means, we rely on empirical data for understanding it and since our zappers mainly sell by direct customer referral there’s a pretty good, informal network in place for sharing such data.

9 thoughts on “Do Parasites Have Consciousness and Will?

  1. Marla Stokes

    Don, I have been rolling with you guys from the beginning. I have been using the T-Rex as an upgrade for 2 months now.
    This topic is dear to my heart.
    I have a strong understanding of my body and emotions and once I started using the zapper, I found that I had to always assess what was going on with me through the process at all times. Was it me or the parasites manipulating my actions? I noticed that just before each strong health breakthrough, there’s a strong feeling of doom. Being aware of the parasites manipulating features is my strongest weapon. Also, I have 3 of Carol’s necklaces and the one with the 3 dophins, helps to keep me with a sense of peace. I wear it at all times during the day and sleep with it under my pillow at night. I hope others will share their findings. Knowledge is truly power.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for sharing that, Marla! You express yourself clearly and that’s become a rare commodity in recent generations. I’d love to know the mechanics of this apparent psi influence of parasites, someday, but meanwhile Carol and I have, for many years, noticed the same influence when we’re in the field with orgonite, disabling the two-legged parasites’ noxious infrastructure and cleaning up their massive-scale environmental and climate (ersatz global warming) messes. Lots of our co-workers around the world have experienced this queer effect and shared it on over the years. Psychics who do this field work get clear ‘messages’ of pleading, misdirection and threats. When I found orgonite in 1998 and began experimenting with it in the zappers I had a hunch that it could affect the body politic in a dynamically positive way, as it was affecting the human body. Carol and I later acted on that hunch together and a global, expanding, grassroot, quiet but effective healing movement was born in 2001 from that commitment. The first powerful confirmation for orgonite’s body-healing capability came in late 1998 when a healer in Romania reported that one of my zappers had quickly removed near-fatal lung cancer and radiation poisoning in one of her patients, who had gotten sick when cleaning up at Chernyobyl.

  2. Debbie Johnson

    Don, I do believe parasites have a consciousness. The first poster mentioned he felt a sense of doom before a health breakthrough. Just recently, I’ve been having serious gut issues. I’ve had to take Prilosec so I can sleep at night. Not something I want to do on a long term basis. My gut was hurting so bad, I almost went to urgent care. I had that feeling of doom and death. The next morning I passed a bunch of liver flukes. They were reddish so I anticipated the worst. Colon cancer, I’m going to die, etc. Those thoughts are not something I normally have. I googled liver flukes and found a roundabout way to your site.

    Today I’m pain free and feeling fine after passing the flukes. I also have had some weird things happen to me since I’ve put orgone around my house. Every single time I have a die off and feel like I’m going to die, I get those evil negative things in my head. I’ve had dreams of worms telling me, you’re killing me you bitch. I’ve had some dreams so frightening, I’ve woken up shouting!

    I’m going to buy one of those zappers.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Debbie, what you wrote seems to have struck a chord with the people (sic) who monitor this website because each time I tried to post a response I got hacked. The first time, when I pressed the button to post my reply. The content simply disappeared; the second time, my browser shut down.

      Now, I’m wondering what I wrote in response to your comments that earned such an unusually overt reaction. This time, I’m writing in my Word program and I’ll copy/paste to this blog site and also to, since it probably relates to the work we’re doing over there, too.

      I named this website World Without Parasites when I realized in the 90s that zappers have the potential to rid the world of internal pathogens/parasites. Shortly after that, when Carol and I began experimenting with orgonite in the environment as well as putting it in our zappers, we began to realize that orgonite has the potential to rid the body politic of two-legged, pathogenic parasites, who of course control all of the governments and major corporations in the world. I think the biggest threat to tyranny is free speech and this is an essential component of expanding human awareness. Rising consciousness, alone, can unseat the rule of parasites effectively but in order to break down the tough matrix of cradle-to-grave programming that has been established in the world it may be that orgonite’s mass distribution may cause the software/hardware infrastructure of the brain police to disintegrate. We certainly see this happening in the world already, as is being reported by our friend, Jeff Miller, in his years-running Positive Changes That Are Occurring documentation on

      Parasites rule from a position of secrecy, so they’re hypersensitive to exposure, hence the existence of censorship through the ages, including its present iteration: hacking. The internet blew previous forms of censorship apart, of course. If you’re reading this website, you likely already have a zapper, so have taken a stand against the parasites in your own body, at least.

      Many of us agree from experience that the little parasites have the ability to influence our thoughts and emotions. We don’t pretend to know how they do this but it certainly reflects how it’s done on the macro level with radio, microwave and presumably blood rituals. Anyone can see that the enemy use transmitters to affect us but not many people have had experience as targets of ritual magic. But if one will read history objectively one can consider that dirty magic was being used long before high tech manipulation and weaponry and the latter are arguably just a modern extension of the former.

      The reason our zappers sell better than all the rest is because we’ve systematically added an array of subtle energy components that work in close harmony with the parasite-killing circuit. On the face of it, subtle energy is magical because these components work on the ether (which is the foundation of both matter and energy), as does magic. The Church of Settled Science denies the existence of the ether, even though a lot of modern technology is etheric, such as radio and Tesla-coil based equipment.

      Materialistic science’s acolytes use this etheric equipment without trying to understand the basis. Tesla seemed to understand it pretty well, as did Wilhelm Reich and several other oppressed scientist pioneers. I think ‘modern science’ and its related materialistic dogma is one of the last bastions of medievalism. I didn’t realize this until I had started in the zapper business and tried to get the interest of scientists after seeing some pretty miraculous and consistent results. I was shocked to see that most scientists are mystical and superstitious rather than rational and objective/observant. They’ll reliably abandon simple observations for abstruse and ungrounded theories, as you might have noticed. Their weirdest attribute, at least to me, is that they blackball anyone among them who even casually mentions that he or she believes in God. Orgonite’s proven capabilities drives them right over the edge ;-). At least a few of them are finally speaking out against the anti-rational Global Warming inquisition, now. Successful desert-reversal projects among our associates (including Carol and I) have turned Global Warming into a laughing stock in may regions throughout the world. Our amazing East African cohorts have achieved public acceptance and are earning their livelihoods by making orgonite and selling it to farmers and fishermen throughout East Africa because orgonite has caused regular rainfall and prosperous agriculture to return to arid regions, has cleaned up the lakes and seas and restored the fish populations. Orgonite even restores dead coral reefs and quite fast.

      I had a hunch that what (oddly) may have angered my monitors the most were my recollections of our direct experiences with antigravity craft, free energy, the odious but comical Men in Black and reptoids. That’s not surprising when I consider that my monthly journal reports (we had a LOT of bizarre but empowering experiences then and so did others) during the first four years of this unorganized, worldwide orgonite movement have inspired many thousands of people to quietly commit to this fieldwork:

  3. Debbie Johnson

    Isn’t that something Don? Some type of inter-dimensional male walked through my hallway yesterday. I think it’s the same man I’ve seen in my yard. He appears to be wearing clothes that one would see in the south post civil war. Around the 1870’s.

    My husband really got into making our own orgone about 2 years ago. The lizards and cats really like it. It does make a difference in the weather. That I know. We’ll go into town and there will be heavy spraying. We’ll still have some here, but not near as much.

    The one thing it has done is that it’s repelled people who are what I call energy vampires. We’ve both had several family and friends that no longer speak to us. No arguments, just faded away. We’ve tried reaching out to them and there is no return call. Nothing.

    Right after my husband starting making orgone, I started getting followed. He was away for a little while and I was here alone. A young man with a military style haircut was following me to the store and in town. Everyday. He would come by my house really slow. Finally one day I walked outside with a shotgun on my property of course, like I was carrying it to my car to go hunting. He saw the shotgun, me and dashed out of my neighborhood. Never saw him again. Haven’t had any more problems like that.

    Right now they’re spraying very heavy in Alabama. The powers that be are pissed about Roy Moore. Not that I think he’s the best and greatest, but the deep state really hates him. I think they want everyone sick so they can’t go out and vote on Tuesday. The hospitals around here are full. One of my best friend’s mom is in the hospital for pneumonia. She said her mom gurgles when she talks like she’s full of stuff. My husband and I have been sneezing and sick for 2 days now.

    Don, if anyone is interested, this is what I do when they spray like crazy. 3xs a day I take a 5 ounce dixie cup with Perrier water. I put in 3 drops of edible oregano tincture, 5 ML of liquid garlic with a detox blend I made (cayenne, habanero and myrrh gum mix). In 2 days I’m back up to speed. I also dose up on Vitamin C, 10,000 units a day. I get plenty of rest and do nothing. To relax and sleep at night I take a dropperful of Lavendar tincture.

    Sorry for rambling. I get very angry at these archons of evil.


    Hi, Don and dear readers,…. I found this timely article about parasites. I agree mostly with the author’s assessments and conclusions based on my recent experience.

    That we are inside a reality rules by parasites.
    That these parasites (fungi, bacterias, etc,…came from the etheric realm and became physical. I have observed the spontaneous appearances of exotic parasitic insects that devour specific vegetables,( where there were none before.) Got me all suspicious. It appears, they are probably thoughtforms that were programmed to do what they do, before they were released into our realm. so, they themselves, although they are conscious , have NO freewill to harm anyone. I suspect they are specifically directed. they are nefarious tools.
    That these are probably created thru blackmagic, by those beings that benefit in our pain and suffering.
    we really can’t tell if these bad guys are hiding behind some kind and lofty titles such as archangels and elohims.
    Anyway,….about 4 years ago, I came down with psoriasis. It might be from the continuous chemtrailing where I lived…in St Augustine, Florida.
    so, I moved here in the pacific Asia. here,…i got infected almost immediately with fungus from my garden.,…I thought might be brucellosis, . we have no doctors, no hospitals, no drugs so, i self-diagnosed and got some anti-fungal medications ,special order. I was on this medication for a year, but the fungus did not budge, and I was losing hair from overdosage.. Some kind of intelligence is shielding them . Sure enough, this intelligence has created a BIOFIELD , sort of protective layer, so that the drugs could not reach and destroy them.

    the above article’s description about this , is sort of amazing..

    To add insult to injury, I came down with a horrible Flu,that about destroyed my 5 upper chakras. Ouch for the whole month of November. I know most of you think that coming down with a flu is a good sign, that means major densities are released, but I disagree. I think the etheric devils attacked me.

    i researched ways to destroy this biofield, but all of them seem to focus on the physical aspect of destruction, and I thought surely, there has to be a better way.

    But wait…! I do have a T-REX terminator somewhere. (got it from you) Hah…..THAT SHOULD WORK. So, i unwrapped the trusted T Rex, put new battery in, polished the metal pads and got it working yesterday. I’ll keep it working day and night until I feel better.

    oh, these archon-bastards,…I can feel them infusing bad stuff thru my legs in the evenings. and they don’t take no for an answer. hmmmm…

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Josephine, I think reality is a lot weirder than we can imagine but that’s part of life’s fun for me. When people talk about ‘archons,’ ‘ascension,’ and the rest of the popular and compelling buzzwords that one hears and sees a lot I rather have the impression that they’ve swallowed a baited hook and that the intention of the people who publish such things is to keep curious people on a sort of mystical treadmill rather than moving forward and doing as we could, which is to improve our world and each others’ lives in real ways.

      I don’t think anything’s wrong with mysticism but I agree with Wilhelm Reich’s view that we should be aware of mystical processes without being mystics.

      Reich developed technology that is based on the ether and the Church of Settled Science still denies the ether’s existence, which is like denying that we have mothers, I think. It’s a mighty jump for all of us to finally consider that materialistic science is essentially medieval.

      Free energy tech is ether-based and there are loads of viable free energy devices that are ready to market as soon as the CIA/etc. stop murdering and extorting the inventors around the world. I personally knew a couple of them before they were murdered and I had my hands on these miracles.

      Ether is the magical realm, too. My experience in Africa showed me that westerners’ programmed denial of ether/magic has made life quite dull in comparison. The other side of that coin is many westerners’ blind acceptance of mystical silliness. You might have noticed that the Church of Settled Science’s lettered acolytes are rather superstitious, too: they’re trained to prefer abstruse and unfounded theories over simple, observed processes. Africans are typically quite grounded and western psychics need to get more grounded, I think, in order to do something worthwhile.

      People in the West who are seeking beliefs that are outside of churchianity and materialism are powerfully compelled to adopt the theosophical world view and I think it’s because if they don’t, they might not find any other people to be friends with. Getting past that programming, though, is very rewarding and empowering because as science progresses toward more ether-based technology psychics are appreciated as superior instruments. Reich was apparently psychic, for instance, and saw subtle energy the way that my wife and many other psychics can do, though in his day psychics were anathema so he had to downplay his ability, in my opinion. He used a geiger counter to show people the potency of his orgone accumulators. Geiger counters don’t distinguish between subtle energy that is destructive or vital but a psychic can see the difference.

      The psychics we work closely with are not theosophy drones, so they aren’t shackled by the prejudices, fears, spiritual debasement and egoism that theosophy programming enables and reinforces with all those buzzwords. I think we’re all challenged to finally abandon infantile dogmas. Entities who generate evil are only parasites and they’re constrained to do only what parasites can do. They’re a lot weaker than us on account of that so why romanticize them? Since the world is being run by parasites they have the advantage of controlling the media, academia, religious clergy, corporations and governments but it’s a house of cards. The world is getting better in spite of them, now. Human awareness is rising like a tide and I think the parasites know that their rule is coming to an end on account of that alone. Check out Jeff Miller’s documentation of this worldwide phenomenon on in his long-running report, “Positive Changes That Are Occurring.”

      In our experience, all evil comes from two-legged parasites (and presumably the parasitic members of all sentient species, regardless of how many appendages they have) . We’ve never seen evidence of essentially evil entities and I think that belief in devilish entities is also a medieval concept that induces feelings of powerlessness in the vulnerable.

      Those of us who have actually seen and interacted with other-than-human sentient individuals might have an advantage in terms of discerning whether written material about non-human sentient beings is genuine, fear porn, disinformation, etc. I think that if someone can get clear of compelling disinformation one can also get clear of feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, etc. One might say that the human spirit, mind and heart are designed to attain certainty and to clearly discern what’s real from what’s false.

      I’ve known a lot of people who have zappers but suffer needlessly and even have been hospitalized because they forgot to use them when they got sick. It’s quite amazing what zappers can do but it also severely challenges most people’s personal assumptions about the nature of sickness and healing.

  5. Angel Cross

    I find it interesting that so many are experiencing this. You see, of course, they hope we will all keep these things to ourselves and most people never know they aren’t alone in their experiences. But interestingly, very soon after I wrote about my experience with my neighbour, my zapper disappeared and still hasn’t been found. Prior to this I had been getting bombarded, every so often, with out of the blue choking fits. Out of nowhere, I’m choking like I aspirated something.

    My health can be very grave for a short stretch and sometimes I feel fine. But the biggest thing was my zapper going missing! I kept it beside my chair. It’s positioned next to my chair in a bag. It’s close and easy access for zapping so I see it and remember to do it. The day after I wrote about the experience I had, the zapper went missing. I’ve torn the house apart and it’s nowhere to be found. This has easily been a month of regular looking as I’ve really been needing it. No joy. It’s gone.

    We have something we call “The Black Hole”. We literally have things come up missing in ways that affect us on a fairly frequent basis. Things so missing. Things get moved or come back a few days later. And now the zapper is gone. If it was a one-off I could just deal with it, but this stuff happens enough that it creates real stress and real problems. So it doesn’t feel “nice” to know this is happening to others, too, but it’s a relief to know someone else understands and deals with it too….not alone.

    Things are amping up, it seems. Always keeping alert to “what’s next” in their game plan. I’ve been dealing with the odd feelings of something’s impending, too. And experiencing odd events with long-time friends. One friend of mine for 9 years, out of the blue the other day, goes mental and starts getting very aggressive. Our friendship ended that day and since then, I’ve felt a bit lighter.

    A few days before that I had cut the cords to a loved one who had been really pulling energy from me and making me feel negative by saying negative things and seemingly trying to pull me down. I never had a chance to know how it went inititally…the cord cutting…b/c I got so savagely attacked by this newly ex-friend. Now, a few days later and I feel a heavy weight off my chest and even my back now. So, yeah, seems we’re all getting slammed at once.

    No such thing as a coincidence.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for the update, Angel (our fellow etheric warrior). The gaslighting that you experience from time to time (theft of your zapper in your house) is also a parasite tactic. Our readers might like to know that this is pretty typical of what happens to you and the other psychics we work closely with in the international chatroom efforts. I think it’s happening to tens of thousands of activists in the US and maybe a higher proportion in Scotland (including you) on account of the secession movement, there. I’ll send you a package this week.

      It might be encouraging for you to consider that as long as they’re merely gaslighting us it probably means that overtly harming or framing us is out of the question. After they murdered Carlos, our webmaster, and destroyed our websites last July they stepped up the boilerplating and strenuous hacking. The sewer rats also metal poisoning Carol and I, again, but thanks to Dr von Peters our health has actually improved in spite of that because he’s finding the poisons, getting the stuff out and beefing up our physiology and energy in spite of it 😉

      It’s fortuitous that you posted this report because I was just explaining how psychics are much more effective when they’re willing to disregard mind-numbing theosophy programming & you’re a shining example.

      This subject might seem, to some, to be pretty far afield from a discussion about zappers but macroparasites are a huge problem in the world, after all, and they’re dealt with in essentially the same way as their little slimy counterparts in our bodies are. Exposure is the first major step for dealing with parasites in the body politic and when they act out against us and we tell about it publicly it exposes them a bit more–it all helps.

      We don’t hate them and we’re not crazy or unhappy; we just want the rule of parasites to end, finally. The multitude of secession movements (even in China) are probably going to take care of that, before very long. The macroparasites are utterly dependent on secrecy and the excessive centralization of their power and we, as a species, are simply growing out of our ages-old assumption that we’re powerless against this creepy infestation.

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