Zappers and The [Alleged] Law

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Many years ago, zappers were very quietly made unlawful in UK and Canada. That spurious law has never been enforced and we have zapper distributors in both countries who have never been directly molested by the corporate gestapo.

Those two countries, though, have the highest rate of sabotage of our packages. Canada is the worse of the two and that makes it worst in the world. Most of the sabotage has been directed at packages of zappers sent to our distributors, many of whom were homeopaths in Canada until they apparently gave in to the subtle pressure.

It hasn’t happened in several years, I’m happy to say. Only three of our US distributors have regularly gotten sabotaged packages and I think that in each case the postmaster was in cahoots with the FBI thugs. Most postal employees and bosses deeply resent this sort of intrusion and evidently discourage it. If you remember the wanton slaughter of the harmless 7th Day Adventists families by the FBI under Janet Reno outside of Waco in the early 90s you may know that the FBI are heavily populated with bloodthirsty, racist louts. I learned on good authority that the FBI also positions these ‘bottom of the barrel’ types on Indian Reservations where their brutality goes unchallenged.

I mention this stuff from time to time so that more people may determine to just stop allowing parasites to rule the world. I don’t think it’s going to take very many more people to expose this hiding corporate syndicate and so end the rule of parasites. I don’t think there’s any need to organize an opposition, at this point. Dr Reich advised that ‘Organization is death,’ and that it should always be minimized.

Our ‘extracurricular activity’ is the strategic distribution of simple, 3oz orgonite devices that we call ‘towerbusters.’ When the ubiquitous death towers (inaccurately called ‘cell towers’) were suddenly thrown up in the millions around the world, including the seabed along the coastlines, in late 2001 we were quite dismayed because our orgonite cloudbusters were suddenly less effective in producing observable, positive results in the atmosphere.

In May, 2002, Carol and I had determined some simple parameters for using orgonite to turn these weapons into life force generators. Anywhere people have committed to ‘flipping’ all of these weapons the atmosphere has gotten dramatically brighter, the crime rate evidently has dropped significantly and people seem generally less fearful and hopeless. has field reports from around the world and it hosts Jeff Miller’s very long-running ‘Positive Changes That Are Occurring’ documentation. When you see major cities around the world where films are made you may have noticed that since 2003 or so none of them are smoggy, any more (outside of China, where information about orgonite has been actively suppressed until this year). This includes Los Angeles, Tokyo and Mexico City, which may have had the world’s worst smog, before. This illustrates the grassroots nature of this unorganized orgonite movement better than anything, in my opinion.

Our East African cohorts are leading the way with fieldwork and reporting and they’re also heavily oppressed by the police and courts on account of it. Nobody else in the world who does this work is overtly oppressed for it, as far as we know.

The only country where orgonite is routinely confiscated in the mail is Saudi Arabia. Our zapper customers, there (also a distributor), get their packages without interference. According to historical documentation, that country is run from Britain and their secret police were established by SS war criminals at the behest of MI6, right after the war–at the same time that the new CIA and USAF/NASA were also populated by these mass murderers. This noxious infrastructure ties into the false-flag terrorism agenda that is London’s bald excuse to attempt to undermine and neutralize Islam. I think David Livingston has most of the documentation for this.

That agenda is failing, of course, just as the demolition of the World Trade Center failed to anger emotionally-unstable Americans enough to support a WWIII agenda–what worked for them in 1941 evidently won’t work any more but they still don’t seem to understand that. Britain’s eager legbreakers (the US military) couldn’t even hang onto Baghdad 😉 and they’re barely protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan, now. Meanwhile, China and Russia, who want trade rather than military conquest and genocide (they dropped three trillion dollars into the laps of the criminal class–Congress–to end the recession, for instance), are guaranteeing Iran’s safety from the bloodlusting neocons’ mayhem. All of the heads of state of the UAR. Syria, Jordan, etc., are 33d degree Scottish Rite masons but genuine Muslims typically loathe all such secret societies on account of their satanic foundations. It’s a lot harder for satanists to pretend to be religious, there, than here.

To underscore Saudi Arabia’s eager participation in the failing genocide agenda I have a sad tale to share. One of our close associates in Uganda, Jane Ngugi, who is a schoolteacher, went to Saudi Arabia with a large supply of orgonite from the kikundi (Swahili term for ‘team,’ which is how our East African associates refer to themselves) in 2012. I think she was the first person to flip death towers in and around Mecca, then. The corporate sewer rats erected them quite thickly around all of the pilgrimage sites. When she was doing this in Jeddah, afterward, she was arrested and nearly murdered with torture by the gestapo for many days before we were able to raise funds (over $10,000) to get her released. She recovered, fortunately.

8 thoughts on “Zappers and The [Alleged] Law

  1. gilles maurais

    jen suis parfaitement d’accord abec vos enoncés, je crois que le monde (encore minime%)commence a realiser la manipulation fait avec les chemtrails ,fonctionant avec haarp, et bayer qui vient d’aquerir (monsento)et octobre ca va frapper dur, ils ont reusii un bon coup avec leur tornades, et leur inondations controlés, mais ici au canada ils ont plus de difficultes a nous faire sentir les menaces iminente, la turie partout et la diminionde la population a commencer, on a la preuve au texas,l’armee tire sur tout le monde, et lorsque vous aller mettee les pieds dans les camps fema, vous en ne resortirai pas,
    je suis certain que vous utiliser des produits que je ne peu me procurer pour confectionner des (orgonites )je vais m,amuser comme passe temps a n’en fabriquer et pour donner en cadeau pour aider les gens qui realise ce qui se passe sur (gaya )

  2. Don Croft Post author

    Gilles, if you would review Jeff Miller’s documentation you would see that things are really not as bad in the world as you say they are. As the corporate order loses power at an accelerating rate, so do they produce fear porn at an accelerating rate to cover their own gradual demise. I think it’s similar to the way that Nazi propagandists kept reporting ‘glorious German victories’ that were getting closer and closer to Berlin 😉

    The main power of the corporate order at this point seems to be mass hypnosis, rather. It’s up to each of us to be more and more discerning as the lies increase in volume and cleverness, I think.

    Most people who commit to working with orgonite gradually lose their fear and hopelessness and I wish that for you.

  3. Ben-Gee

    Don & Carol
    you might be pleased to know that our efforts of deploying Orgonite coupled with dowsing to determine exactly where to place TBs etc. has been yielding results in Ayrshire, Scotland. Additionally, we have now been led to long hidden stone circles and long barrows, vortexes etc. which are now also benefitting from some Orgonite medicine.
    thanks for all you do.

  4. Steve Vaughan

    Hi Don, you said near the top of your article: ” I learned on good authority that the FBI also positions these ‘bottom of the barrel’ types on Indian Reservations where their brutality goes unchallenged.”
    Unless you heard it directly from a tribe’s counsel, then it’s just hearsay. Any indian tribal reservation is a sovereign nation, with its own police force & laws, and not a part of the U.S.A.. The white-man’s law / FBI doesn’t apply there. When they drop the bomb I’m heading for the nearest ‘rez’ since I’m Indian. Could you share who is your ‘good authority’? That would be most encouraging & enlightening.

    Best Regard,

    Steve Vaughan

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for holding me accountable, Steve.

      In fact, Carol Two Eagle told me and provided loads of details from her experience at Pine Ridge. She also named the FBI agent in charge, there, who had told her that if she ever returned, she would be killed. This was soon after the FBI ordered the murder of her husband, who had been an uncorrupted police officer at Pine Ridge.

      All tribal councils are puppet’s of the Department of the Interior, as you hopefully know. So I doubt their credibility in general. A movie with Van Kilmer was made about the murderous FBI involvement at Pine Ridge; I don’t recall the title but I saw the old movie after getting info from C2E and it was as though she had written the screenplay 😉 .

      C2E is a pipe carrier, respected medicine woman and a reputable tribal elder of the Lakota and Mandan tribes. She showed me a picture of the Mandan leaders during the signing of a treaty that allowed the construction of a dam on the Missouri River that was to inundate most of their territory. Her uncle was one of the signers and he had tears running down his face. They were forced to sign, of course.

      I set her up to make basic zappers for our distributors many years ago, during a period when the political machine in South Dakota were doing their best to starve her out. One reason they feared and hated her was that she is a very effective protagonist when upholding the rights of targeted Indians in that state in the face of state government and the court system. When the Lakota elders initiated her they gave her a new name, ‘Porcupine Woman.’

      I hope this helps. It’s not hard to see what’s happening to Indians on reservations when you know some personally.

  5. Heidi

    Although sometimes difficult to understand and digest, challenges to the “status quo” in society are always very refreshing. I am mostly here for health reasons but if it helps the betterment of society and the world at large, this would make me happy as well. Thank you for doing this. 🙂

  6. Don Croft Post author

    You’re welcome, Heidi, and thanks for the encouragement. In fact, none of us are fully awake but this isn’t a bad thing, in my opinion. Maybe our challenge is to be awake and aware enough to cause our world to improve (heal) and if we consider that the body politic is closely similar to the individual body, then part of healing is destroying living pathogens (parasites) in the body. Nothing compares with zappers for accomplishing this. We don’t need to be acutely aware of the parasites in our bodies in order to neutralize them but the parasites in the body politic are adept at hiding and part of that agenda involves unspeakably massive mind control strategies through history, especially since the 1400s in Europe’s case. So I think that in order to undermine them we need to fully understand what they’ve accomplished through the generations, first. The parasites who rule the world commit the most horrific acts and on a big scale. They apparently compete with each other to find new ways to debase and degrade their own human spirits. That’s technically insane by anyone’s standard. I doubt any of us could remain sane if we knew all about what they do together but large scale pedophilia and the ritual murder and eating of children and infants are a small part of it.

    If one is inclined, though, (as I always have been) to leap into the rabbit hole without digging into the degradation aspect of the corporate order there are two wonderful sources of empowering information that I recommend:

    1) Al Bielek and the auxiliary, supportive material from his close friend, the late Phil Schneider, all of which is easily available on YouTube. This deals with the hidden science that the megaparasites use to suppress our species. Carol and I spent an afternoon with Al Bielek in 2001 and after that I was personally convinced that he’s genuine. Schneider was murdered within a year after he started giving public lectures on underground bases, etc., and we later met someone who knew him, personally, and was with him in Portland, Oregon, the day before he was strangled in 1997. This stuff has to be watched many times and over a period of time in order to assimilate much of it. I think we may sort of grow into it as we progress.

    2) Miles Mathis has been exposing the profoundly fake nature of popular culture, politics, history, science, art, media, etc., for several years. has the entire list of papers. It seems to me that he is a little over the top in condemning a few public figures as parasites but he’s expressing his opinion, after all. Judge Long, for instance, who spilled the beans about the satanic nature of the American court system and its close control by the CIA from Boulder, Colorado, admitted that in order to have his job at the lowest echelon of court judges, he had to agree to rule in favor of the parasites when occasionally asked and that judges at every level above his are fully committed to the CIA’s hideous agenda. He was murdered with cancer after he started telling about all this. It’s too bad he didn’t know about zappers, I think. Nobody needs to die that way, any more. I wrote down all of the targets in Colorado that he described and Carol, Carlos and I intend to do a thorough job of putting orgonite and earthpipes in those now-exposed locations in the spring.

    Both sources offer the courtesy of telling us that their conclusions are merely their opinions, based on their own experience and research. This lets us off the hook by doing away with the necessity of blind acceptance. You might have noticed that fear porn and disinformants imply that their claims are beyond questioning.

    Some claims can’t be corroborated because they’re literally state secrets but most can and I recommend studying a variety of sources while doing our best to determine whether they’re genuine, first. Real whistleblowers (like Schneider) are destroyed as soon as possible, by the way; the fake ones live on.

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