Parasites: Micro- and Mega-

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I got my first zapper (and dramatic, immediate healing) in early 1996 and was manufacturing them within a few months.

In the middle of 1997 I learned about the work of Wilhelm Reich in Canada and began making and experimenting with orgone accumulators.

My daughter, Nora, who was 11 at the time and quite psychic after having gone through death at age 5, assisted me by watching the energy of my experiments. A year or so later I found out about orgonite, which many agree is the ‘next step’ in tech beyond orgone accumulators and Nora helped me affirm this, so I included some orgonite in the zappers I was making.

This boosted the zappers’ ability to ‘resolve’ illnesses that were caused by living pathogens, according to direct observation and the abundant feedback I was getting from my customers.

I knew about Reich’s accomplishments with his cloudbusters and wondered whether we could make a modified version with orgonite. Carol and I had gotten together in June, 2000 and at the end of that year we sketched out a rough plan on a napkin in Denny’s in Ft. Pierce, Florida. We had been living and manufacturing zappers on the road since our main competitor was railroaded into prison for curing cancer. We had a strong sense, then, that the federal and state fascists who do the bidding of the pharmaceutical/medical cartel disdain going after moving targets and that’s been confirmed, since then 😉

We made our first orgonite cloudbuster a few months later and it generated a rainstorm, about 20 miles in diameter, for two weeks in a region that was still in a severe drought. We had only set it up for a few hours in preparation for taking it north to Maine. Our neighbor told us about the rain after we returned.

Within six months, people began building their own orgonite cloudbusters from plans that were free, online, on a high-profile disinformation website. Within a year, thousands had been built in the countries where daily chemtrails had been sickening untold millions of people and this stopped the expansion of that chronic-sickness endemic, apparently by disabling the pathogens while they were still in the stratosphere.

At the end of 2001, while all that was happening, many millions of ‘death towers’ were suddenly thrown up throughout the planet, even on the sea floor.  Much later these began being referred to as ‘cell towers,’ but actual cell repeaters can operate on solar panels and these weapons each have megawatts of power supply, which is easy to see in the form of bundles of very thick coaxial cables running up to the transmitting equipment.

In July, 2001, I was made the administrator of an orgonite-cloudbuster forum on Yahoo, which someone had set up for me.  Almost a year later, Carol and I discerned that a small piece (we were making them in muffin pans) of simple orgonite turns a death tower into a life force generator so as soon as we were confident in the data, I posted about it and recommended that people go around and ‘bust’ these new military weapons. Within an hour, I was blocked from my own forum and the next day I noticed that I was no longer getting business email and our business website was taken down.

Another forum was quickly set up for me (I’ve always been pitifully incomputerate) but it was loaded with agents saboteurs, unlike the first one, which was pretty clean and efficient while I ran it.  Within a year I was also kicked off that one and another one was immediately made ready for me.   There was very little troll activity on that one but within a year I discovered that the fellow in Britain who ran that website, who had visited us in the US,  had been conducting a very skilled, private slander campaign against us among the contributors to the forum, which essentially destroyed a very lively and large network of ‘orgonite flingers’ in UK and Australia. Then a Canadian friend set up and for the past 13 years it’s been setting the worldwide standard for orgonite fieldwork, in spite of some severe obstacles and aggressive moves to displace it with ‘Google/NSA darlings’ who get top positions in the search engines.

During the two years that  I was contending with moles and saboteurs the news about busting towers spread rapidly across the globe and we began noticing that cities throughout the world, except in China, that had been severely polluted were being seen in films having crystal clear atmospheres for the first time.  In those years, I spent an average of ten hours per day answering emails, many of which were no doubt sent by people who just wanted to assure themselves that I wasn’t just another NSA/CIA empty suit, set up to generate false hope.

About a year later, Sylphs started being seen for the first time, presumably since the early twentieth century when powerful radio stations were set up around the world.  An Italian associate told me that Marconi regretted, toward the end of his life,  his part in that destructive agenda after having met Pier Luigi Ighina, whose work is closely aligned with Reich’s, Rife’s and Tesla’s.

Those of us who have strategically distributed these little pieces of orgonite in urban areas have tracked a reduction in crime. I think the Africans who post their orgonite field reports on have gotten the most dramatic results in this and several other ways.

My friend, Jeff Miller, in Pennsylvania, has been documenting profoundly positive changes from published data throughout the world for almost four years (also on  It’s a unique document and flies in the face of doomsayers and fear porn purveyors who populate the media, government and academia.

I mentioned all of that so that I can suggest that orgonite seems to work within the body politic in a way that’s closely similar to how zappers do their work in the bodies of humans and beasts. If I’m right, this is very big–almost beyond comprehension. You can probably see why I was so excited to learn that the addition of orgonite to our zappers had enormous significance–beyond personal healing.

If the world is run by two-legged parasites (of which I have no doubt), then orgonite is likely doing irreversible damage to the poisonous infrastructure which they’ve been painstakingly establishing for centuries or much longer.

10 thoughts on “Parasites: Micro- and Mega-

  1. Violet

    I have 2 of your zappers with organite…
    If I use them at the same time do they cancell each other out….
    I would like to use them at night on the bottom of my feet…
    I carry one with me and use it through out the day..
    Sincerely , Violet

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Violet, some people like to wear two at a time and there’s sure nothing wrong with it, though I’ve never felt compelled to do it. My wife, Carol, wears two T-Rxs at night and when she’s healing and/or detoxing she wears two during the day, too. When we’re not acidic we don’t need to wear them on palm or sole in order to avoid getting stung by the acid in our own bodies and most people, even some chain smokers, get alkaline in a few days with the zapper if they use it a lot. I doubt there’s a faster or more thorough way to alkalize ourselves.

  2. Natalie

    Thank you for the work you do for humanity!! I’m so glad to have found you! 🙏 I have been using your pyramid, Magdalene medallion and TRex Zapper for about a month now, I get a tiny patch of water blisters if I wear the Zapper on my stomach but no black marks. Does that indicate that I’m not acidic? What is that a sign of? Do I need to continue wearing the Zapper indefinitely or can I pass it on to my loved ones to wear and take turns?

    1. Don Croft Post author

      I’ve never heard of getting blisters from zapping but maybe that’s just a sign that you’re not yet alkaline, Natalie. A lot of things can cause us to be acidic but if one uses a zapper a lot it’s pretty quick to turn properly alkaline, again. Other indicators that we’r acidic are dark marks on the skin from the copper tarnish and, if one won’t move it when it starts to tingle, perhaps a tiny hole in the skin, which we advise to heal without scarring with vitamin E in bandaids

  3. Tanja

    Very interesting. I have one minizapper. I would like get one stronger and well some orgonites would be good to test. Where can i find it, in Finland/Nordic countrys/Europe???

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Our nearest Terminator distributors to you are in Spain:; Portugal;; England:

      We don’t offer the T-Rx to distributors because emotionally unbalanced people typically become furious when the first put one on, then demand a refund. I know that seems weird but these people could also damage our reputation by slandering us on the web. We work very hard to maintain our credibility.

      We promote Andy’s mini-zappers ( and most of our Terminator distributors sell them. We designed that model to distribute during our trips to Africa because the Africans mainly suffer from natural illnesses and this was the only way for us to really test a basic zapper’s capability. I can’t use the word, ‘cure,’ without being persecuted, again, by the parasites who rule humanity from their hiding places but suffice to say that every sick person whom Carol and I encountered in several countries got well, including AIDS and malaria sufferers.

      In those years, many millions of Westerners were chronically sick from chemtrail bioweaponry and many more were chronically sick from eating weaponized corporate food; these folks typically feel a little worse from using zappers. Nobody’s been sickened by chemtrails since 2002, though, and many or most of the people who were damaged that way have gotten well by now, apparently. There are several other bioweapon endemics, now including the new version of Lyme, but on a much smaller scale.

      1. Sunny

        Lyme? This is where all my problems stem from, it seems. Can somebody steer me in the direction of health? Subtle energy worker since childhood…

  4. Katie

    I have been diagnosed with chronic Lyme through my symptom list and some blood work. I strongly suspect parasites. My organs and brain are affected because I feel a lot of pain in those areas. I have reacted poorly to most supplements and seem to do ok if I go very slowly with some herbs. I stumbled across this website and I’m a bit overwhelmed with this new information. I promptly ordered a basic zapper and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of healing I can achieve with that. In my mind I’m already planning on getting the terminator zapper. If I don’t see the results I’m hoping for would you say that would be because of the Lyme? And do you think people who have what is being called Lyme could still recover from the zappers over a longer period of time? Thank you very much.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks, Katie and Sunny. People who are psychic seem to need to work harder to keep or regain their vitality but I know several psychics who have done so, including my wife.

      Our Terminators are gradually gaining a reputation for eradicating (I can’t say ‘cure’ without being punished, again, by the police state) the new form of Lyme, which has lately become a pretty big endemic throughout N America, W Europe and Australia. You probably realize that ticks don’t even live in most of these areas but a local inventor, who is quite reputable and accomplished, told me that a former co-worker of his, who now works for the CIA, told him that these sewer rat agencies have been airdropping weaponized ticks and spiders all over those continents in recent years.

      I suspect that the new form of Lyme disease isn’t the same as the endemic version that began in 1980, spreading outward from Lyme, Connecticut where the original bioweapon was developed. That endemic was on a much smaller scale and sufferers were easily convinced that it was a natural disease ‘from tick bites.’

      Bioweaponry in real life seems to be quite different from bioweaponry in the movies, by the way. The present endemics are characterized by chronic sickness, rather than acute sickness and quick death, a la the Hollywood version.

      As with most other endemics, though, the general public are so debilitated by the weaponized food supply that they’re pretty easy meat for bioweaponry so I think it’s essentially important to build up the vitality of the body with wholesome food while also destroying living pathogens with zappers. Fortunately, even MalWart is selling plenty of organic food, now, and when I was in LA a couple of weeks ago Alicia of (a big seller of our Terminators) told me at lunch that she saw a Ralph’s (low-rent grocery store chain) supply truck that had ‘Organic Food in Every Aisle!’ written on it. Meanwhile, Monsanto and McDonalds are on the skids, due to rising general awareness about the importance of avoiding bad food.

      I’m always eager for objective feedback, so if you have Lyme sickness and get one of our zappers, please let me know how it goes, okay? All of the feedback of this sort has been positive for Lyme, so far.

      Many people who employ naturopaths but remain sick eventually understand that ‘treating’ sickness isn’t the same as ‘curing’ it. The naturopathic colleges were taken over by the dope cartel around 1970 but naturopaths, like our associate, Dr von Peters, who were trained before then are typically quite competent at curing ‘uncurable’ conditions. It’s too bad that most of them are dead by now and I think that after more people figure out that the present naturopath colleges are useless things are going to change for the better. At least the incompetent naturopaths are killing people, the way MDs typically do with their medieval methods.

      Doc von P’s email is and he works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample and questionnaire. He’s been selling our zappers since the nineties. He’s also a rather renowned homeopath, herbalist and osteopath and teaches in medical schools throughout Russia, also now in Turkey and Greece.

  5. Katie

    Thank you for your reply! I will happily let you know what results I get from your zapper. I have lots of hope, a positive expectation of good! Bless you and your wife for doing this work.

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