My latest metal poisoning

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In addition to the sudden flood of hacking, possible murder and other interference with our lives in the past couple of weeks I’ve just learned from Dr von Peters that there are extremely high levels of cadmium, cobalt, rubidium and tin in my body and those were not out of balance, before. Carol is just about done with her cycle of detox from the Doc after having been poisoned similarly, mainly with tin. In 2004 we were both poisoned with beryllium pretty severely and that was the first time we sent hair samples to the Doc. It usually takes one cycle of treatment (approx a month) to get metal poisons out of the body but he says I’ll need two cycles, this time.

The poison assault must have been pretty recent because this summer I’ve been hiking up mountains to fly back down with my paraglider but if I don’t get it out quick I might really start feeling the effects.

The sewer rat agencies of the world, especially the American and British ones, poison countless thousands of individuals this way, apparently. I hear from these folks quite often, I’m sorry to say.

Carol and I have come to believe that anyone in the world who demonstrates the capability and/or intention to make our world better will be profiled and targeted and social media has made it really easy for them to find these fine folks. The internet had made it easier than before, of course. I experienced my first surveillance/interference episode in Portland, Maine, in 1980, right after I gave an informal talk about the corporate parasitic global order to about a dozen people–it was simply my turn in that group to give a talk and most of them were decidedly not interested. It was right after I found an old copy of Gary Allen’s None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

Dr von Peters has been selling our zappers since the 90s and is one of the few remaining old-school naturopaths, which is to say that he cures sicknesses rather than ‘practice’ on them as most of the ones trained in the new schools will do. He’s saved the lives of many of our close associates who also got metal-poisoned over the years. When someone can’t get well by using a zapper I encourage him/her to contact him because in that case the vital organs are likely damaged, so the body is unlikely to recover its vitality after one has destroyed all of the living pathogens with a zapper in a week, month or so. His email is he works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample.

We know another physician, Dr Steve Smith, who also fixes the unfixable but you’d need to go to Montana and perhaps get several sessions with him. is his site and he restored my heart after the beryllium had apparently damaged it to the extent that I was close to death’s door. I’m able to do my weekly mountain hike/flying adventures, thanks to him, and of course I’m deeply grateful.

His mate, Laura, is the one who has restored our destroyed business and forum websites. Our webmaster was apparently murdered a couple of weeks ago and he had kept our sites safe from routine destruction for 8 years. A week later, our sites went down and I credit his state-of-the-art encryption skills for enabling the sites to stay up that long after he died. From what he described to me a few years ago, this level of encryption requires the NSA to put hundreds of their skilled, predatoy hackers to work for a very long time to break through the firewall. I’ve been writing a long eulogy for him on our restored forum site,

We know Laura as ‘Dooney,’ which is her nickname, and we visit back and forth with her and Stevo–have known and worked closely with them since 2004. She’s been teaching targeted people how to fight back effectively when targeted by the sewer rat agencies’ psychics and psych/electronic gear. I suppose one of the guarded secrets of the enemy, who I collectively refer to as The Old Parasite, is that they’re quite vulnerable in the etheric realm, which is where things like psychism, radio, ch’i/orgone, light and other subtle but powerful dynamics take place.

Dooney’s site is

The new format of our websites is phone-friendly, so the latest assault might end up serving our business and networking interests. I love it when the enemy p!$$ on their own shoes, this way. ‘I’m not happy until they’re not happy.’ 😉

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  1. Don Croft Post author

    I got the results of my latest hair test from Dr von Peters, yesterday. He had mailed it a month before but it was intercepted, apparently. So after I called him yesterday he emailed the document.

    I’ve recently been poisoned with several toxic metals but I haven’t yet felt symptoms from all that, fortunately. I ordered his products and supplements that will get this stuff out of me quickly and restore nutritional imbalances, some of which are from the action of the poisonous metals.

    The last time I sent him a hair sample, a few years ago, there were no toxic metals in my body. We live in a clean, rural environment and have a terrific, vital diet. Carol had sent a sample a few months ago and he found toxic levels of tin and calcium but by now it’s probably gone and she seems to be feeling better than she has in years. I guess the trick is to find these little unwelcome gifts from the NSA predators (? at the behest of the pharma cartel, perhaps) and get them out before they start to damage the body. Now that zappers are suddenly gaining more popularity we’ll be getting tested every year.

    Last week, a theosophy-programmed acquaintance of mine busted my b@!!$ for openly expressing aggression toward the parasites who rule the world, claiming that it can only bring trouble to me. I countered that openly opposing tyranny is a positive, healing activity but she was unconvinced. If we didn’t take action against the parasites in our bodies we’d all be pretty sick, I think. I wonder how newagers who use zappers (LOTS of them do, including that gal) rationalize that truth away. 😎

    1. rex

      learn to make your own hardwood charcoal.
      then use sodium chloride to make it activated.
      keep your eye on it when you have it can carry ot with you.
      then eat it on a regular basis.
      also carbon-60 kicking ass right now.
      david wolfe on activated charcoal
      david wolfe interview by archemedes
      both on you tube

  2. william williston

    Hello Don,
    Your zapper is the beginning of parasite free body. simultaneous with stinky, nightmare inducing, but susceptible to light-double helix from the heart (Ms Dooney) entities-bikers, etc.

    Thanks to you and Dooney and Carol and Dr Von Peters. Positive, helpful experiences with/through all of you.
    The chem trail formula from Dr Von Peters keeps me well in the South Texas winter.

    There is a global meditation at 402pm edt Friday the 22nd. Connecting light of Central Sun, our body, Earth and vv. What do you think?

    Peace and Light,

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Excellent, thanks William!

      My own stamina continues to increase as I work my way through the Doc’s supplements, colloids, herbal and homeopathic products for this round. I test myself every week by hiking up a mountain in order to fly. Today I did Tiger Mountain, near Seattle, which is the steepest climb on my ‘route,’ and when I got to the top, this time, I was less tired and I didn’t have to stop as often as before to let my heartrate settle. A fellow filmed my takeoff with his drone 😉

      The Doc would like to be called, ‘The Chemtrail Doctor,’ and he cerainly deserves that appelation because his ChemBuser remedy, which he developed in 2002 at the height of the international endemic, might be the only specific remedy that successfully rebuilds the damaged spleen, kidneys and liver that repeated exposure to mycoplasma caused in so many millions of people between 1998 and 2004 or so, by which time many thousands of spontaneously-built orgonite cloudbusters had destroyed that nearly global bioweapon agenda. The fact that you still get some benefit from it may be due to some other factor that perhaps caused one or more of those organs to become inadequate. He’s got a lot of other terrific homeo/herbal formulas (three of which I’m now taking) on

      I think that anyone who focuses heart energy toward healing, especially among a group, succeeds and there’s a synergy in group efforts that seems to increase each participant’s capacity for this work. Carol and I have participated in an informal, group effort among orgonite flingers, here and abroad, each week for the past 15 years.

      A lot of people I know talk about such things as ‘central suns’ but until I see evidence that such things exist I’ll keep it all in my ‘wait and see’ file–not denying it but also not blindly accepting it. Maybe it doesn’t matter what one focuses on if one is sending heart energy, which to us is the most powerful defensive weapon and healing instrument in existence.

      Most people who blindly accept a dogma become quite irate when one questions it but I think everything needs to stand up to balanced questioning before it can be accepted. I insist that people hold me accountable for things that I say.

  3. Don Croft Post author

    I’m finished with the Doc’s round of treatment–consuming daily colloids, enzymes, proprietary homeopathics & herbal remedies, brown seaweed and a cup of goat kefir every day (I was low in calcium). It all came in a box (except the kefir) for around $500.

    Yesterday, I hiked up Steptoe Butte with my wing and harness and jumped off the top for a ‘sled ride’ back to the landing zone –no wind or thermal lift 🙁

    My heart rate stayed around 120 and I never had to breathe hard or slow down. When I started the treatment a couple of months ago I had to stop twice on the way up that 1,000′ high, pointed quartzite butte in order to catch my breath and allow my heartrate to subside to a safe level. 120 beats per minute is aerobic exercise.

    I hope and intend to be participating in this wonderfully spiritual sport when I’m a hundred. It’s what inspires me to seek better and better health.

    The Doc told me that I’ll probably need two rounds of treatment to erase the effects of the feds’ latest poisoning round, which apparently was done to me in early summer. I’ll send him another hair sample in a month or so. Carol only needed one round of treatment. I think we were both poisoned around the same time–perhaps the same night.

    Even though most people can’t accept the idea that the puppet (terrorist?) governments do this to a lot of people in the healing trade (and perhaps countless thousands of other people who improve the world) it seems to help us a lot to publicize these activities, perhaps because parasites dread exposure and because shooting or jailing us would draw too much attention to what we’re doing.

    I don’t think anyone would deny that the world is run by parasites, though.

    If you want to improve your health I’m sure the Doc can help you. is his email and he works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample. He can probably do a lot more for you if you go see him in Chattanooga or Russia, where he teaches in medical schools for part of each year.

    He’s one of the few competent physicians left in the world but I feel confident that before very long the medical schools will be run by competent healers, rather than the murderous drug cartel, and hospitals will become properly scarce; medicine will again come out of its queer, present medieval mindset and zappers will be as common as toothbrushes–imagine $5 Chinese zappers in all the ‘drug’ stores 😉

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