Evidence from Sweden

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Tomas Fritjofssen posts reports on our international forum, ethericwarriors.com, and also invited me to participate in his Swedish facebook forum about orgonite fieldwork. One of the members posted that the local rainwater where he lives was tested for dissolved solids and there were essentially none, in spite of strident claims by fear porn purveyors on the internet that rainwater is loaded with barium an aluminum throughout the world from chemtrails.


3 thoughts on “Evidence from Sweden

  1. Sue Poetschka

    My ex husband has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.Have been reading your website.I think he should give your zapper a go.I am from Australia.How long would if take for one to arrive .Thanks sue

    1. dooney

      Hi Sue,
      I’ve put up the shipping information page, and in Don’s experience it takes between 2-3 for international shipments.

  2. Don Croft Post author

    Sue, according to feedback from customers, prostate cancer is one of the toughest to overcome with zappers but I haven’t gotten feedback in a very long time regarding that ailment, so I hope you’ll stay in touch.
    When I was developing the Terminator zapper in the late 90s I used genital herpes as the test disease since it seemed to me to be the most virulent of all infestations. The success rate was essentially 100% after the present configuration of subtle energy components in the Terminator was reached in late 1999 and after that Carol helped me improve it some more from time to time. Her introduction of a new gem/coil device in the T-Rx gives that zapper a lot more ‘kick’ in terms of healing and detox and if you give me feedback about your husband’s condition and the Terminator has not succeeded after the instructions are followed for a month, I’ll be happy to donate a T-Rx to you in exchange for further feedback after that.

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