What is a Zapper?

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A zapper is a personal bio-electric device that is worn against the skin to destroy parasites and promote health. It’s powered by a 9-volt battery and operates on 15Hz (frequency). The picture above is an unretouched photo of Intestinal worms, killed by a basic zapper in a few minutes in 1997 during a colonic irrigation after using a zapper. So why should you use a zapper?

The outside of the zapper, with copper circles that transmit the frequency through the skin.

On a regular basis, newspaper headlines include the findings of major medical studies where yet another parasitic virus has been found to cause yet another disease. What is interesting about these findings is that many different people were making these same connections back in the 1950′s. What  researchers have discovered, and by very different paths, is that weak electric current eliminates viruses and other parasitic organisms. Once these parasites are eliminated, the body’s healing power can be fully unleashed, restoring vibrant health within an amazingly short period of time. My extensive research (which you can also do) and testimonials indicate that:

  • All people suffer from parasites of one type or another during their lifetimes.
  • Parasites are positively charged. Unhealthy tissue is also positively charged.
  • The introduction of very weak electric current (via the Zapper) perhaps destroys parasites by reversing the polarity of the static field in which they thrive. A flood of free electrons, in this case,  encourage diseased tissue to heal — healthy tissue is negatively charged, which is to say that there’s an overabundance of free electrons in and around it.
  • Parasites cannot defend their positive polarity (deficit of free electrons) against the introduction of simple direct current and they die very quickly when the static field of their environment (blood, lymph, mucus, cerebrospinal fluid, interior of eye, etc.) is negative-charged.
  • An environment that has an abundance of free electrons will repel parasites whether electric current, magnets, or orgone generate this state.
  • Parasites not only die when subjected to electricity, but also apparently disintegrate and are easily assimilated as harmless nutrients or eliminated.
  • Viruses and fungi inside the cells, parasites in cysts and parasites with exoskeletons (like hookworms in the peripheral tissues), may take longer to destroy, but by zapping you may begin to clear the blood and lymphatic fluids, major organ ducts, intestinal and stomach lining, brain and central nervous system of parasites which will give your immune system a tremendous and nearly immediate boost.
  • When parasites come out of cysts and other protected areas, the surprise they encounter will be quite unpleasant.  Parasites that live within cysts and other protective containment will die when their lifespan has ended.  Viruses only live three weeks, for instance, and bacteria don’t live much longer so if they’re destroyed before they can replicate one may get rid of the problem in a fairly short time with zapping.   All of this is speculation based on simple observation, since nobody has done extended research, yet. Thorough research is costly, so only funded labs do it.  We can probably assume that the medical/pharmaceutical cartel arranges the funding for medical research and zappers directly threaten this syndicate.

Zappers are even safe for babies!

All of this refers to the function of the simple zapper circuit, which is built around a 555 integrated circuit, configured in our case to produce 4.5 thousandths of an amp at approximately 15 cycles per second.  4.5  millionths of an amp  reach through the skin by the process of simple capacitance and instantly distribute throughout all of the body’s fluids, producing a vital static field in which pathogenic organisms soon die, as the disintegrated worms in the illustration clearly show.

For a basic (inexpensive) Zapper that doesn’t include orgonite or other subtle energy components, please see www.ctbusters.com.

This little, convenient zapper is strongly recommended for skeptics as a first exposure to the technology.  We developed it for distribution during our trips to Africa, where they’re now in demand and  gaining popularity.

41 thoughts on “What is a Zapper?

  1. Heather Maserow

    Hi Don,
    I’m pretty confused, I couldn’t afford your zapper last month so my son bought one on eBay and got it delivered to me, it has 2 hand held copper coils, i set it on square and 002500 measure ( either electrical or frequency . Not sure, so I’ve used it for five nights running 7 min on 20 minutes off three of those sessions.
    I’ve noticed that something is wrong with the way I feel, my stomach is bloated after supper and feels very uncomfortable,the only thing that helps is a teaspoon of black cumin seed oil, I felt better before I started using this zapper, my daughter was returning from India that’s why we bought the zapper she had food poisoning, which turned out to be ecoli and shagella but she took two different antibiotics and is on the mend, she is skeptical about the zapper, I use it because I assumed we all have parasites, I have not seen dodgy stuff go down the loo, but that does not mean dodgy stuff did not come out, my question is this, it dawned on me that this zapper has killed off all my good flora and now my food is not digesting as it used to do, my digestion was fine before, but I do have gall stones, Hulda Clark calls them parasites, I don’t know what I’m doing, what do you think? I ordered a Hulda Clark book from amazon so as to educate my self hopefully, no one says how long to use this, or if this happens it this or that, but I think I should stop as I feel worse, and tired, yesterday I walked to the city and talked to my daughter while walking, my solar plexus feels lik3 it has an elastic band over it, actually I want your zapper with orgone, my gut feel is that you guys have it worked out, cheers and thanks, Heather

    1. Don Croft

      Heather, I don’t think anything’s wrong with the zapper you bought but if you had used it consantly rathe than the 20 minutes per day . hat Hulda Clark recommended, those unpleasant feelings may have passed within the first day or two. Her herbal parasite formulations make a lot of people feel very sick while they’re taking them and I’ve never heard from anyone who has gotten results with them. Using a zapper around the clock in the beginning typically produces a lot of dead worms in the toilet, on the other hand. Her claim that zappers don’t kill intestinal worms is entirely incorrect. I think it’s the only consisently good way to get it done but this is sometimes only possible, evidently, if one uses it constantly for up to a week and even on the abdomen in some cases. Since microcurrent evidently destroys worms and other parasites by reversing the polarity of the static charge of their immediate environment they begin to disintegrate immediately, so they can usually only be identified as ropes and strings of mucus in the toilet. I was fortunate to get a photo of freshly killed worms that were retrieved from someone very fast during a colonic irrigation, as you can see on this website’s homepage.

      When Carol and I travel to tropical countries we don’t get sick, even in areas that are pestilential. I think anyone who carries a zapper along and will use it can expect the same.

  2. Manuel Rodriguez

    I strongly believe about that signal that make us obey the evil interest of the power behind the power.
    I am interested on buy the Zapper. Do you accept Money Order ?
    Regards. Manuel

    1. Don Croft

      If you study the documented history of the CIA, including their recruitment of a small army of (British-trained) German SS war criminals when the agency was created in 1947, it’s pretty obvious that their first interest is ritual sorcery and that high tech is just an enabler for them. So to say that they use radio transmissions to influence people’s thoughts and emotions. The CIA is only one of many poisonous quasi-government agencies but the premier agency for poisoning humanity is still British Intelligence. The most thuggish one may be their lapdog, ‘The Mossadomites,’ which began as a terrorist organization and has never changed its m.o. I think the NSA is much worse than the CIA but that the CIA gets more attention in the media.

      As soon hqs one has determined that these agencies and their directors are humanity’s avowed enemy it’s pretty easy to negate their subtle influences, perhaps without even thinking about it. I think it’s good to think about it and talk about it, though, because the enemy are essentially just parasites, so when they are no longer capable of secrecy and hiding they have lost their power over our species.

      I’m sorry for the delay answering this, Manuel. Money order payments are only possible within the US but can be sent to:

      Don Croft
      P.O. Box 782
      Athol ID 83801

    2. Don Croft

      Heather, I’m sorry I missed your comment about zappers killing all the good bacteria because that’s an important point (thanks for pointing this out, Frank).

      Hulda Clark made a lot of frightening claims about zappers that are not true. That sort of thing makes a deeper impression than valid claims do, strange to tell.

      In fact, all of the beneficial bacteria and fungi in the body are aerobic, so zappers are more likely to cause them to thrive because microcurrent’s effects are identical to oxygenation and those two things are harmless and completely beneficial. In the 23 years that I’ve been making zappers and selling them I’ve never heard from anyone who has experienced the symptoms that go along with the depletion of beneficial flora in the body. We do know that taking antibiotics destroys all of the beneficial flora and we know that this produces known symptoms so that’s a handy bellweather, I think.

      That said, anyone who mainly lives on corporate food, including fast food, is likely to deplete the beneficial flora and ought to be taking digestive enzymes and probiotics to slow down their headlong rush toward degenerative illness. Even when some of these folks change to an organic diet and start recovering their vitality they’d probably also benefit from taking those supplements for awhile.

      Before refrigeration and home canning (which came along after refrigeration 😉 people in the northern climes typically fermented food for storage and of course that’s loaded with probiotics. They also dried food, of course. When I was working in Western Samoa in the mid-80s one of my Samoan mentors’ late father had emigrated from Sweden and the locals were endessl amused by his habit of drying fish.

      This bears repeating, regarding Hulda Clark’s dire claims: I’ve sold zappers to countless pregnant women and people with pacemakers and none of these people have been harmed by using zappers. A fetus is human; not a parasite. Pregnant women who use zappers typically experience a much more pleasant pregnancy and there’s a photo fo a happy baby, using a zapper, on this website’s homepage.

    3. Don Croft

      I think I got an email from Manuel and answered it. I see that his comment is three months old but here’s my answer:

      For a good overview of how vast and old the mind control infrastructure in the English-speaking world is, check out milesmathis.com/updates and start with some of his older papers. Like my buddy, Jeff Miller in Pittsburgh, who compiles published evidence of the dramatic improvements in the world on ethericwarriors.com (which effectively counters the global warming fear porn scam, etc.) Mathis stands alone in tearing down the facade of popular culture, though he features some guest writers from time to time who also do this.

      Money orders are fine but only from within the US. I used to be able to cash US$ Canadian postal money orders but Canada Post stopped allowing it a couple of years ago, even though they still issue them.

      All orders from outside the US that aren’t paid through the website are paid with Wester Union to me or one can call Carol to place an order with a credit card. Pacific time zone, late mornings: (208) 819-6016. Everyone loves Carol. My karma tends to run over people’s dogmas so not many ideologues enjoy my company unless I smile and keep my mouth shut. Theosophy/gnosticism, which is the most egocentric and lockstep-conformist of all of the parasitic, manufactured dogmas, particularly disgusts me. People who are brave enough to examine reality independently delight me, whether they believe as I do or not.

      For orders in the US, paid with money orders:

      Don Croft
      P.O. Box 782
      Athol ID 83801

  3. Maria Grace

    I have littl dots and they all over nd I scratch it off and it turns huge and makes a hole then scars…have had this for over 1 yr….Help me lease? they said it nay be allergic to mites? what kind of mites? then they said at D=]skin dr it was Purigo Nodules… i can not get rid of them. some heal then here comes more tiny ones and it is agly vicious cycle… what can i do ?

  4. Maria Grace

    I have littl dots and they all over nd I scratch it off and it turns huge and makes a hole then scars…have had this for over 1 yr….Help me lease? they said it nay be allergic to mites? what kind of mites? then they said at D=]skin dr it was Purigo Nodules… i can not get rid of them. some heal then here comes more tiny ones and it is agly vicious cycle… what can i do ?

    1. Don Croft

      Maria, you didn’t mention whether you’re using a zapper but it’s easy to get rid of scabies with any zapper, according to what we’ve seen and been told y customers. If zappers won’t get rid of the problem then I assume it’s a systemic condition and the way to fix those is with diet and mineral balance, I think. Most people who try to use diet might miss the mark but a skilled doctor who unerstands the cause of systemic conditions can correct them. We refer people to Dr von Peters for this because it’s his specialty and he works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample. Using a zapper always seems like the prerequisite to me since they typically get rid of infectious conditions efficienty. I hope this helps

  5. Joyce Davis

    I have used the Terminator ll zapper for about 3 years. No side effects and no pain medication is needed. Loaned it to a friend who has terrible hip pain. Can’t wait to get it back today. I highly recommend one to any person. At almost 79 years old, I can say I keep going and going.

    1. Don Croft

      Thanks for pointing out that some of our most appreciative customers are the elderly, Joyce. When I started in this business, many years ago, one of the first things that astonished me was how consistently people with arthritis told me that they got quick relief from the pain, then gradual restoration in their joints after that. I’d read some convincing material that arthritis (all forms) is caused by fungus in the bloodstream which steals nutrient calcium and deposits what it can’t use in odd places. What I’ve observed over the years has persuaded me that this makes more sense than the abstruse explanations of corporate-sponsored alleged researchers, who can’t seem to fix arthritis, after all. In those days I was only making the most basic zappers, similar to Andy’s $35 model on ctbusters.com. Our present models seem to achieve even better results, though of course it’s impossible and dishonest to promise any specific results. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of watching the countenances of new customers who were elderly transform in a half hour or so from tired and flat to vivacious and ruddy and of seeing evidence of vitality that made them seem a lot younger than their years. I ought to take before and after photos, sometime.

      Many of these folks experience frustration when their own adult children are not open-minded enough to try zappers, which is a peculiar generational role reversal 😉

      Getting clear of poisonous pharmaceuticals is a modern form of liberation. My friend, Dr Stevo, was told by the local coroner that when old people die, the authorities typically have to empty their medicine cabinets of street-grade but prescribed narcotics and dispose of them the same way that drug dealers’ stashes are destroyed after a raid. People from the corporate drug cartel who sell to MDs refer to those legal pushers as ‘drug whores.’

      Now that I’m also getting old (68) I’ve had to take decisive steps to maintain my own vitality, which many of our elderly customers have also been doing before buying zappers. My main incentive is to be able to keep going with my favorite sport, paragliding, and since that often involves hiking up mountains to launch sites it’s a pretty comprehensive program: diet and exercise. For a couple of years, before David Wolfe introduced his knockoff of our Terminator, Carol and I spent occasional weekends in California, selling our zappers at his events and this inspired us to vitalize our diet. I think I’ve eaten a truckload of raw kale since then and the organic food industry is now showing exponential expansion while the weaponized Frankenfood industry, including McDonalds and Monsanto, are experiencing hard times (thankfully).

  6. COWPPLI-BONY Daniel

    J”ai passé une commande chez le 31 Octobre 2017 mais je n’ai aucune suite.
    Pouvez-vous me dire ce qui se passe.
    Daniel CB

    1. Don Croft

      Daniel, if you didn’t get an email confirmation from Carol then your order was not completed and we didn’t receive it or the payment. It’s much easier to order from our other website if one is outside the US: crystalinsights.net
      I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

  7. GB


    Can this help cure the HSV1 + HSV2?

    I know nothing is promised but I’ve been doing research and I’ve seen and read that the Rife Frequency machine may be the only machine known to man to be able to do so.

    Any insight?

    1. Don Croft

      When I first started making zappers in 1996 I started hearing from customers who told me that their herpes went away. This is the ordinary sort. Genital herpes wasn’t resolved as consistently and I decided to use that as my ‘test disease’ after I began adding subtle energy components to the zapper in 1998. Each time I added a new component the success rate increased until the Terminator’s configuration was reached near the end of 1999. After that the success rate has essentially been 100% (I say that because exceptions are almost unheard of and I’ve corresponded with hundreds of people who suffered from this) for both men and women but it’s usually only possible when the sufferer wears the zapper on or very close to the sacrum for at least as long as the virus’ life cycle, which is three weeks.

      To be able to wear a zapper in one spot for an extended time one has to first become alkaline, which usually happens in a few days after one starts using a zapper. Then, if one is already alkaline it’s unlikely to become acidic again if one is continuously wearing a zapper.

      I think all of this is on the website but I think it bears repetition.

  8. KD

    I am curious to know if the zapper can help dementia, kidney disease, bone cancer & respiratory illnesses?

    1. Don Croft

      We’ve had nothing but positive feedback about zapping and dementia but not enough to find any clear parameters, so I hope you’ll let me know and will be properly objective. The systemic diseases are not generally fixed by zapping and they’re endemic, now. The only way to know if a condition is systemic or infectious may be to use a zapper and pay attention: if it gets better soon, then the cause is probably living pathogens, for instance. Corporate food and bad diet advice from medieval doctors is mainly responsible for the massive systemic illness endemics, obviously.

      Cancer (most) and respiratory sickness seems to be typically resolved with zapping within three weeks, so I assume they’re usually infectious conditions. A virus’ life cycle is three weeks. I have to be circumspect about zappers’ observed effects on cancer, of course. In 2015 the state threatened to shut us down on account of that and on the same day that we were served papers by a detective at our front door National Sphincter Agency hackers surgically 😉 removed all of the cancer-cure testimonials from this website and I stopped sharing them, then. I wish we had free speech in America. Our main zapper competitor was railroaded into prison for consistently ‘resolving cancer’ in 2000. We keep a motorhome in another state for such events and we lived in it for four months after the corporate/gov’t thugs threatened us.

  9. Susan

    i have been on many oral supplements and have tried many other remedies for bloating , gas, and constipation for most of my adult life. I’m feeling less bloated and have more regular bowel movements since wearing the terminator zapper continuously for several weeks. I noticed what appeared to be white dental floss wrapped in two consecutive stools after 10 days of wearing the zapper, none since. I plan to wear this zapper continuously for various other conditions. I am recommending it to my friends as well.

    1. Don Croft

      Congratulations on your healing progress, Susan. I wonder if the dental-floss objects are killed worms, though worms generally lose their skin integrity right away when zappers kill them.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback and I’m sorry for the delay. Yesterday we discovered about 20 comments that hadn’t shown up, before, presumably due to National Sphincter Agency hacking. Getting hacked a lot by this criminal syndicate is a nice confirmation that we’re doing something helpful 😉

  10. Barbara Reberg

    What site do I go to to order the most recent zapper from you and which one is it? At first I thought the green one and now I see the black one. I have a friend that purchased the green one but she said she bought it 7 years ago. And do I need to get the belt also to wear it?

    1. Don Croft

      The T-Rx is our latest and strongest, Barbara. People who are emotionally unbalanced typically get angry at us when they first put one on, so we don’t sell that one to distributors and we add a little caveat on our sites to discourage them from buying one, though of course anyone can buy one from us.
      We haven’t used the term,’Terminator2′ for our Terminator since around 2003 but many of our distributors call it that, perhaps to seek a little sales advantage. What you see on worldwithoutparasites.com is always the latest from us.

  11. Rezi

    Hello Don, I have a chronic condition skin called lichen from 11 years now. Do you think the zapper could help me to cure my desease? Thanks

    1. Don Croft

      I don’t know, Rezi, but please let me know, one way or the other: doncroft@crystalinsights.net
      If you haven’t been referred by a customer you might like to first try Andy’s $35 basic zapper from ctbusters.com and if you get any relief with that one, then you can probably assume that our Terminator or T-Rx would do a lot more for you. It seems to me that most skin problems are related to liver, kidneys, spleen and/or colon dysfunction, though. That might be why psoriasis typically won’t clear up with zapping right away but only after a month r so, in most cases I’ve known about. If there were a skin parasite causing psoriasis then it would presumably clear up in a day or so. I’m no doctor but I’ve gotten feedback from an awful lot of customers around the world since I started this business in 1996 so I have a pretty good idea of what zappers can and can’t do. Generally, zappers are excellent for getting rid of infectious conditions but not so great at curing systemic illnesses. Most of the latter are caused by the corporate food supply, of course, which is why we tested our zappers in Africa, where most sicknesses are still infectious; people there generally can’t afford to get systemic illnesses 😉

  12. Marwa

    Hi Mr. Don, I can’t believe I’m sending you this message to you directly! So much love and appreciation and respect. I’m 28 yrs old just got introduced to the device I’m from Lebanon living in Saudi Arabia so don’t get the chance to be in nature as much as I’d like to. A friend of mine is in the states now and I have asked if he can bring me the the terminator 2 zapper, I have not much to ask as I read every comment you added I just want to say I’m so glad I came across this. When I first was diagnosed by parasites I felt really sad and depressed I tried home remedies but not a big change was noticed on top of having to eat and drink really painfully bitter or disgusting things sometimes until I came across the zapper, now I can’t wait to receive mine. I’ll surely get back to you on my review. However is there a website other than eBay where my friend can order the zapper directly from your company to New York?
    Much love!
    Say hi to Carol ❤️


    1. Don Croft

      As-salaam-alaikum, Marwa, and thanks for your interest. It’s unusual for MDs to diagnose parasites so I assume you visited a naturopath or some other alternative doctor. I don’t think anything works consistently well to destroy living pathogens except zappers and a lot of the herbal products make people feel quite sick during the course of taking them, nor are they nearly as effective as the sellers claim, unfortunately.

      For people who are not directly referred by our customers we recommend Andy’s $35 basic zapper from ctbusters.com but anyone can order from our site, of course: https://worldwithoutparasites.com/products/ in the US; http://www.crystalinsights.net/don-croft-zappers/ outside the US and we’ve sent a lot of these to both Saudi Arabia, UAR and Lebanon without a problem. If someone in the US gets one for you it might save a a week or so of waiting for Customs clearance, of course, and you’ll save $20 on shipping.

  13. Ayesha

    Hi mr Croft,
    I recently came across the idea of parasite and after reading on health websites online I have now come to believe how horrific they are.
    My question is not regarding a purchase but I would definitely like to buy one when I get a chance to buy.
    I have borrowed a microcirrent facial device from an acquaintance, it’s output is 350 micro amps And requires a liquid conductor for current to flow. Can I use this kill parasites in pancreas or any other part of the body.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Don Croft

      I don’t know if that device can destroy parasites but if the current gets through the skin then I assume it can. You might like to get one of Andy’s $35 basic zappers for a comparison if you will experiment fairly intelligently. They’re available on his site, ctbusters.com. Let me know, okay? doncroft@crystalinsights.net . I’ve been slow to answer the blog comments, I’m sorry, but I answer email daily.

  14. Corinne Telling

    I have just started using The Vanzapper from a Dear College @Teying to rid the bad Bacteria in my Colon& Atomch&Esophagus 😉Have done 2Times for parisitea^ Now Trying the Comon virus Chip. UNFORTUNATELY THERW IS NO INSTUCTIONS WITH THIS Machine? RED CONTACT DOES IT FO ON MY LEFT q Wrist&Blue one on my Right, I Am Confused about the Colours so could someone with the knowledge of this Device Help me Get The Benifits of Recieving the Results Please &Thankyou for the basic Information about Zappers

    1. Don Croft

      Corinne, the idea that you need to put electrodes on your wrists is mistaken. Zappers can be put anywhere on the body and the entire body is instantly enegized with microcurrent. It’s kind of crazy to assume otherwise, since the body is full of very efficient conducting fluids (electrolytes). An awful lot of what Robert Beck and Hulda Clark recommended, warned about and theorized is just misinformation and all of that has done more to slow down the dissemination of this empowering tech than a gov’t pogrom could have accomplished, I’m sorry to say. I’m hearing from fewer and fewer people who have been exposed to that old, misleading material and those are the ones who seem to have the easiest time understanding what zappers can and can’t do.

      These simple instructions from ctbusters.com will enable you to get the most from that zapper, I believe: http://www.ctbusters.com/cart/media/wysiwyg/docs/basic_zapper-and-golden_zapper_instructions.pdf

      That $35 basic zapper can also probably do more for you than the one you mentioned, since it’s easily worn under clothing. The key to getting the most from any zapper, when one has any sickness symptom, is to wear it constantly

  15. Marcie

    Hi im just wondering if wearing the zapper can delay your period at all? And i have had the zapper on for about a week i have started noticing worms in the toilet for 2 days now how long until they will all be out. Im wearing the zapper all day and take it off at night. Thanks

    1. Don Croft

      I’ve never heard of a zapper delaying menstrual cycles but there are sometimes odd, passing ‘adjustments’ that the body will experience when one starts using a zapper and these are nothing to worry about. I think most worms are destroyed in the first day of zapping, typically. The more you see, though, the better since this is a good sign. It might take a week of very localized zapping to get rid of a more persistent infestation but that seems to be the exception.

  16. Amanda Adams

    We have an early prototype of the zapper built by someone who used the free schematics during the mid 80s. They’re a certified holistic practitioner who built ours.

    It is important to know that at 15 hrz the zapper isn’t quite strong enough to penetrate through the intestinal tract. That’s why it is important to take a parasite cleanse supplement. Your benefitial gut flora will not be affected. Our zapper we use primarily to fight off bacterial and viral infections. Part of the causes of cancer have been linked to all three; bacteria, virus and parasites. Other things that also help is having a higher content of metals in your body. This means taking colloidal silver and nickel and magnesium.

    In regards to the older models of the zapper (older doesn’t mean outdated. The function is the same. The newer ones are easier to use.) the positive and negative should be switched with each use if you are using it for longer than 45 minutes at a time. The body does have a positive and negative polarities however the zapper isn’t strong enough to interfere or affect them. It does help the zapper function more effectively when using it against virus and bacteria to switch it’s polarities. With the introduction of super bugs that are becoming antibiotic resistant, I’ve been advising people to invest in these zappers.

    We rarely get sick but recently we’ve been coming into contact with some nasty things. Presently, it’s a virus that my husband picked up and it’s so strong to have an affect with the zapper it takes about three hours in one session. One zapper to three people, we’ve been fighting over it. And my son, he’s a toddler who can’t sit still. He can’t technically use it because the older models have brass ends that need to be covered in a wet paper towel or cloth otherwise… You risk getting burned. So we are definitely looking at getting another couple of zappers. One that preferably has longer connectors to place on either side of the body to make a nice and even current and smaller housing. Ours is bulky and difficult to carry around.

    1. Don Croft

      Thanks, Amanda. I wasn’t aware that anyone had made these before Beck and Clark introduced their versions in the 90s.
      I’ll answer your criticisms:

      1) Clark confused electromedicine (zappers) with Rife’s use of resonant freq’s and this has caused a cascade of misinformation, I’m sorry to say. With these devices, the only function of the freq. is to generate capacitance an just about any freq. works as well as another for that. We chose 15Hz because it produces a marginal euphoric effect. The freq recommended for this by Dr Clark (32kHz) is actually what the original inventor of her device, Clifford Harrelson, introduced and when I met him in 1998 he was rather core at Dr C for stealing his invention, which he began manufacturing in Arizona and selling in the 1970s. He didn’t even tell me why he chose that freq but Carol and a couple of other psychics we were working with got the impression that this replicates a marijuana buzz so maybe he was using it to get clear of drugs.

      2) I’ve gotten so many stories from my customers of dead worms in the toilet and so many reports of success in getting rid of even the most virulent intestinal worm infestations that it seems clear to me that these devices (even Andy’s $35 basic one) do, in fact, reach throughout the intestinal tract. The contrary claim that you made was also made by Dr Clark but that contradicts abundant evidence. In Africa, our associates are even curing elephantiasis with simple zappers, along with otherwise-deadly dysentery. Carol and I watched a nursing mother in Namibia cure her dying infant of that in a few minutes and in that case the mother was wearing the zapper while the infant was nursing, so the microcurrent not only traveled throughout the infants intestines but also traveled through the mother, first.

      3) I’ve been in this business since 1996 and have never heard from anyone who has been successful with herbal parasite remedies and many of those products make people sick while they’re taking them. It makes me wonder where those websites’ enthusiastic customer testimonials came from because I’ve corresponded with tens of thousands of people, many of whom tell me about their sicknesses and histories of treatment and then give me feedback after they’ve bought and used our zappers. It’s a pretty good data base for seeing trends and ‘what works.’

      4) It’s good that you mentioned nutrition because zappers won’t cause someone to be vitally healthy; they’re mainly good for stopping infectious illnesses (that apparently includes arthritis, heart disease, cancer–as you mentioned–and even high blood pressure, typically) and if one wants to be healthy one really has to be accountable for his/her diet. Ben Franklin noted that ‘We dig our graves with our teeth,’ and that’s more true, now, than in those days due to frankenfood but the organic food industry has been displacing that weaponized corporate crap at an accelerating rate in recent years, thank God. It’s okay to drink as much colloidal silver as one desires but the fact, as I see it, is that zappers do what CS is intended to do, only many times more efficiently and faster. Zappers generally won’t fix someone who has a systemic illness that’s been caused by bad diet choices over time and that’s practically an epidemic in the West, now.

      5) All zappers produce a proper ‘positive-offset square wave,’ which is why they work fine for capacitance thru the skin. It’s a simple on/off circuit but, again, some folks have tried to mystify this with technobabble. This tech is profoundly simple, rather. The reason our Terminators will do more than ordinary zappers is because the subtle energy components in them produce more kick–we don’t know exactly why but we arrived at that configuration over a period of a couple of years in the late 90s through experimentation on people who had genital herpes, which is evidently the most resistant virus to zapping. With basic zappers, the success rate was around 60% when the customer wore the zapper on or near the sacrum for at least 3 weeks; each time we added a new subtle energy component the success rate climbed and when the rate was essentially 100% we figured that the device was complete. Fortunately for us, there are LOTS of people who have that condition and they’re typically eager to give us objective feedback, as you might imagine. Several of those components, by the way . (except orgonite and magnets) were suggested by other people.

      6) Nobody has ever been harmed by a battery-powered zapper and if this weren’t so there would be opposition from governments and we’d probably be in prison. UK and Canada made it unlawful to sell zappers about 16 years ago but they never enforced that ‘law,’ nor have they bothered our Terminator distributors in UK or Canada. Our main competitor was thrown in prison in 2000 for c–ing cancer, then Carol and I took our business on the raod until it felt like the heat died down. By then our Terminator was the best-selling zapper on the market and it’s remained so, by a wide margin. We don’t particularly promote ourselves and we lack university degrees so we’re not selling with charisma, nor with the illusion of authority; nearly all of our sales are from direct customer referral. Most people don’t care that electronic engineers still insist that our use of electrodes on the box ‘can’t’ work,’ by the way. Holding electrodes in one’s hands pretty much guarantees that people are only going to use zappers under duress, I found out in the first year in business, which is why I experimented with putting the eletrodes on the box after that. To make the decision, I asked several people who had chronic sinus congestion to wear the zappers in their socks at the ankle and each one of them experienced cleared sinuses within 20 minutes, which was the same amount of time that the clearing happened when people held an electrode in each hand.

      7) It’s fascinating to read about the body’s polarities but we’ve never seen any evidence that zappers have any effect on that. Your claim may be an example of the mystification of simple science but I’m married to a woman who can see subtle energy and converse with the dead so I’m not denying that there are subtle forces in the world, of course. Subtle energy’s got a new form of tech, including free energy. I knew the late Wilhelm Muller, who invented the first magnet powered engine, and he kindly shared more information with me than I was able to absorb. Handling that engine felt, to me, a bit like meeting Jesus might, I imagine. The Church of Settled Science still denies the existence of subtle energy, which to us is like denying the existence of the color, blue. Anyone who has been trained in univesity science programs needs to unlearn a lot of silly mysticism before he/she can do something worthwhile in this realm, I think. Dr Reich certainly achieved that and a lot of what we do is based on his findings. The US Government publicly burned his books when they imprisoned him for c–ing cancer with subtle energy in 1956.

      8) The burning you mentioned is evidently due to one’s own acidic condition and not the type of metal in the electrode. Using a zapper constantly typically causes one to become properly alkaline in a fairly short time and this happens even for chain smokers, who are arguably the most acidic people on the planet. My theory is that (mainly) living pathogens cause the acidic state by constantly excreting acidic poisons into the host’s surrounding tissue: ammonia, formaldehyde, alcohol, etc., and their favorite food is sugar, which Westerners consume in vast amounts. Carol and I generally wear our zappers during sleep but we wear them night and day after we’ve been poisoned, until the burning stops occurring. Wearing zappers on palm or sole prevents the burning while we’re acidic. We feel that wearing zappers during sleep powerfully helps the body to restore and detoxify itself.

      Most of the people who buy our zappers, these days, don’t know who Hulda Clark and Robert Beck were but the folks who have studied those people’s work typically have a hard time wrapping their brains around the fact that our zappers work, in spite of Clark’s and Beck’s claims, warnings and recommendations. I started out with Clark’s book and zapper in 1996 and wanted all my customers to read her book until I eventually realized that the book was only confusing and discouraging most of them; then I simply stopped recommending it but by then I had also built up quite a store of observed evidence and parameters that seem to be a lot more rational and practical than the contents of that book. Before that, I didn’t know that university-trained scientists were more fond of mysticism and theory than with observed effects. One of the founders of the Church of Settled Science, Isaac Newton, was so deeply into silly alchemical pursuits that it’s always been an acute embarrassment to his biographers but he certainly set the tone for the following centuries, I think.

  17. JT

    Does the Zapper kill the nanobots coming to our skin from Chemtrails? How about electronic implants used in mind control?

    1. Don Croft

      We believe that the USAF have been dropping nanoweaponry (from a low altitude–not in chemtrails) in certain areas, experimentally, and that the feds otherwise infested a few thousand isolated individuals with the Morgellons organism or device in recent years in conjunction with a fear porn campaign that claimed it was from chemtrails. Plastic fibers were dropped from the stratosphere over some populated areas in those years, perhaps to bolster the psi op. Strong magnets seem to destroy the nanoweaponry pretty fast and I think it’s because the little devices are not shielded, the way some large implants evidently are. Ordinary implants, such as tracking devices, are also easily destroyed with a strong magnet or a wire connected to a small tesla coil. Bear in mind that all of this stuff is well-kept military secret weaponry so when someone on line claims to know all about it, please be discerning. Genuine whistleblowers (secrecy-oath breakers) are quickly disappeared.
      In the case of Morgellons, which we suspect has a nanoweaponry component, news spread among the sufferers, years ago, that our Terminator gets rid of the condition and it’s been a few years since I stopped hearing from new Morgellons sufferers. I used to hear from several new ones each week, starting around 2010. I suspect the criminal corporate syndicate (CIA, FBI, NSA, British Intel, Mossadomites) have abandoned that agenda, thank God.
      There are still a few such programs, mostly in the US and UK, but on a much smaller scale and apparently still experimental.
      I hope this helps.

  18. JT

    They’re active in neural monitoring and synthetic telepathy. I’ve got a clicking noise that seems to emanate from my inner ear that the magnets can’t get to. They are actively neural monitoring me as I type. MK Ultra is gone, but trust me when I say, the bastards haven’t learned a thing.

    Last night one such psychopath damaged my right ear drum pretty badly with non-stop loud and fast clicking, together with acoustic ultra-frequency waves.

    1. Don Croft

      I think that if the average person was suddenly aware of how pernicious and pervasive the criminal syndicate (NSA/CIA/FBI/MI6/Mossadomites) have become there would be a violent, continent-wide uprising this afternoon. I think the worst of it is their massive-scale exploitation of children, which challenges one’s sanity to even consider but is well documented.

      I personally believe Al Bielek’s claim that MK Ultra was massively expanded rather than stopped, and that the initial programming was simply made to be less intrusive (electronic) than the systematic boy-raping that Stewart Swerdlow and crew had carried out, before. If orgonite won’t stop those attacks against you, why not apply the technique that we use to hit them back effectively? You can find this simple procedure described on donebydooney.com.

      Also, it may be essential to get around your area and bust all of the death towers, if someone else hasn’t already done that. These weapons are used for a lot of noxious purposes, including amplification of psychic assaults, and may or may not also be used as ‘cell towers.’ I suspect that most cell traffic is now handled by satellites and when I was in East Africa most of the cell repeaters were solar-powered, so those massive coax cables that cover the death towers’ masts are expoentially more powerful than cell traffic calls for, of course, nor are they even connected to the power grid. Here are instructions for turning those weapons into life force generators: https://ethericwarriors.com/what-is-orgonite/how-to-use-orgonite/
      Many of us around the world have done this to thousands of these weapons. Some of them are on the sea floor along the coasts, by the way, and we know that nobody’s walking around with cellphones underwater 😉

      That said, an orgonite pendant, especially when it’s near the heart, prevents all of their EMF and subtle-energy weaponry from harming the individual . I often hear their signals, too, but it’s just entertainment to me and is certainly not in the volume that you’re being molested with.

      Two-legged parasites rule by conning the population into believing that they’re more than just parasites. It’s up to us to stop being conned, of course, but that requires us to be accountable and discerning, which only a few people are willing to be. I think we’re enough, though, especially now that we have the internet to talk to each other around the world.

  19. JT

    I’ve got a half dozen hockey puck sized orgone devices, which I plan on hurling near our 1 unholy tower sometime in the near future. Can’t say when due to the listening outpost… 😉

    Don, thanks so much for your comments. I’ll be thinking hard about a zapper after I conclude with this bentonite detox.

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