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I rarely hear from medical doctors and when an MD buys a zapper it’s usually, evidently, just for personal use.  This doctor bought a zapper a couple of weeks ago to see if it would relieve his mother’s Alzheimers condition and the initial results were so encouraging that he bought 8  more Terminators and a T-Rx, along with a couple of pieces of Carol’s orgonite. He’s going to see if using two or three zappers on her will speed her recovery and I’ll post an update since this is the first time a customer has given me more than cursory feedback about using zappers for Alzheimers.  Past customers gave positive feedback but it was not conclusive so this is a great opportunity to get concise feedback.   I found over the years that when people get well they generally just stop corresponding with me, though ;-)

Some months ago, five naturopaths were allegedly murdered on account of sharing a cure for Alzheimers but I haven’t seen corroborative evidence that they even existed so I wonder if it was a scam.   If there really is an inexpensive, easy-cure product I want to promote it. If zappers are an easy cure I’ll promote that, too.

Here’s his latest update:

“Hi Don:

Thanks again for the zapper info.  Each day, I am amazed by its effects on the body.  My mother is slowly becoming more alert and responsive.  She is starting to speak sentences.  Her bowel movements have become much larger, which I believe is the result of more toxins and pathogens being eliminated.”
I suggested to him that using zappers appears to promote the growth of aerobic, beneficial flora in the intestinal tract and that my own colon health, when I started using zappers at age 49 in 1996, was atrocious but that it’s pretty normal now, which experts claim is impossible.

4 thoughts on “Alzheimers Update

  1. Geri OLeary

    My husband is using your Terminator zapper, but it continues to burn him. He has had several holes in his belly area. He perspires around his middle where he wears his zapper and that makes the burning worse. He tries moving the zapper around a lot, but nothing has really relieved the burning; He is into his 3rd month of wearing the zapper. Do you have any suggestions to stop the burning. Thank you

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Geri, zappers typically cause one to become properly (slightly) alkaline in a few days and I’ve seen this happen even for chainsmokers so I’m guessing that it’s the sweat that’s causing the problem for your husband after all this time. I wonder if he’ll consider just zapping on palm or sole while sleeping until the weather cools. He might be able to wear it in a sock at his ankle without a problem during the day, too.

      Also, as our instructions say, some Vitamin E oil in a bandaid (those are called ‘plasters’ in UK), changed every day or so, will likely heal the lesions (in a few days) without scarring, though this is usually just an issue for people who wear bikinis or model underwear. I don’t think many people realize how powerfully Vitamin E may heal skin lesions, gums, etc. I learned that in the Virgin Islands in my youth when treating second degree sunburn.

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