Diabetic Neuropathy

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“Hi Don, I gave my mom my Zapper in hope of helping helping her Diabetic Neuropathy(morning foot pain.) She wore it over her sole with sock over it when she went to bed and in the morning she had NO foot pain!! After ONE night! I can’t tell you the joy this brings me. Thank you! My mom loves it and wears it every night now, but she asked me shouldn’t she wear one on each foot, not just the one? (I wouldn’t thinkso because the foot pain disappears in BOTH feet when she only wears it on ONE foot!) Look I know she loves the Zapper and wants to wear another one but I don’t want her to have any problems of too much of A good thing.

Have people used 2 at a time? Is this inadvisable ?
Thanks again for all you do and have done!”

Thanks for the terrific testimonial, *****, and I’m happy for your mom.

There’s no harm in wearing a dozen zappers at once, don’t worry, but also perhaps no particular benefit, either. I only know of one case in which someone clearly benefitted from wearing two and that person made faster progress recovering from multiple sclerosis when two were being worn. I don’t know why.

Carol, my wife, typically wears two T-Rx zappers when she sleeps but I can’t tell whether she’s benefitted from it. I think she likes how it feels, rather.

Everyone benefits from wearing a zapper, of course.  If you can’t afford another one of ours, why not get a $35 basic zapper from our friend, Andy, at ctbusters.com for yourself?