What’s the purpose of that block in the zapper?

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A customer in NZ lost the orgonite block from his Terminator zapper but noticed that the zapper still worked.    I asked him to send the Terminator back to me so I can put a new block in–I use a flexible, thick sort of glue (Goop) that can’t be found outside N America.

During our correspondence I mentioned that this orgonite evidently has strong healing potential and that it seems to work synergistically with the other subtle energy elements and the circuit.  I began adding subtle energy elements to my zappers in late 97 because the basic zapper that I began building and selling in 1996 was not fixing some common but severe health problems.  I used genital herpes (which looks to me like the most virulent infectious disease) as the ‘test disease’ since so many of my new customers reported suffering from that.  When I reached the present configuration of subtle energy elements in the Terminator the success rate was essentially 100%, according to customer feedback.

That was completed in late 1999 and after Carol and I got together in 2000 we improved the device many times but never changed the basic configuration of subtle energy elements.  The T-Rx model is mostly the same as the Terminator but it includes a caduceus coil with 17 gems attached, which I cast in the orgonite block.  Carol designed that element in 2010 or so.  The T-Rx also has a stronger magnet and stronger mobius coil in it, also different metals in the orgonite block.

I charge $20 (cash) for all repairs and he kindly offered to send more cash to cover the postage.

The idea of subtle energy tech is apparently new to him and he asked for an explanation, which I’m copying  below.  Since it’s probably impossible to explain subtle energy but easy for most people to experience it this response might seem like rambling to some:

The piece is called, ‘orgonite,’ and we like that name because we like to honor Dr Wilhelm Reich, who pioneered the technical aspect of healing with subtle energy, which he called, ‘orgone.’  You can see how we use orgonite for ‘macro’ healing in the reports on ethericwarriors.com, our extracurricular effort.  Our African associates seem to have the most affinity to this material, as you may notice, there.

Even though what we’re all doing is quite newsworthy you won’t likely see it mentioned in the news until some time in the future, when the media are no longer able to ignore it.   As has been happening in Spain, the media will first probably ridicule it.  There have been isolated positive news events–Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Slovenia–and when three of our cohorts were thrown in jail in Mozambique for tossing some orgonite in a reservoir on the Zambezi River, a French reporter called me and we were on the phone for about an hour, then his very short report was in an English-language paper in UAR and it included, ‘Don Croft says that the only thing those men are guilty of is littering.’ ;-)

If you do a search on the word, ‘orgonite,’ the NSA (that parasitic organization owns the search engines) will send you to their own disinformants but it’s axiomatic, these days, that if one is hoping to find truthful information about anything, one will need to dig deeper than the first page of links that a search engine puts in front of us.  The parasites who run the world are no longer capable of censorship, so they spend a lot of effort on misdirection and disinformatino.  The ubiquitous  and costly ‘free’ WiCIApedia is a case in point, I think.

Nobody can really say how orgonite works but, also, nobody can really say how electricity and magnetism work but the existence of subtle energy is flatly denied by the Chuch of Settled Science and those of us who work with orgonite have had to learn about this essential scientific dynamic through our own efforts and simple observation.  I think that most of Tesla’s inventions are subtle-energy based and a way of approaching subtle energy may  be to assume that it’s the matrix from which matter and energy are created.  ‘Subtle’ doesn’t mean, ‘weak,’ of course.  Some of us like to call this, ‘ether,’ but other names for it are ‘ch’i’ and ‘prana.’