Zappers for Lyme Disease?

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Hi Don, I am really excited to receive the zapper I just purchased the testimonials are wonderful, many people are getting healed.  How many hours do you think someone should start at day for Lyme’s disease for example.  I have other issues as well but a lot of co-infections is what I am dealing with.   Thank you for your time.

warmly, G***

G***, I think that most people who are told that they have Lyme disease are simply misdiagnosed.  Real Lyme sufferers are rarely cured with just a zapper because the reason they’re sick is that some of their vital organs have apparently become ineffective and the only cure is to restore those damaged organs.
The Lyme endemic suddenly started spreading in the early 1980s when a new bioweapon had been developed at the gov’ts labs near Lyme, Connecticut.   We can assume that ticks didn’t suddenly become toxic at that time and many of these targeted people live in regions where there are no ticks, of course.  There are probably a score of similar biological weapon campaigns against the population by the government but none of that is being done on a large scale any more, thankfully.  I think that most people who are sick can get well by weaning themselves from the corporate, weaponized food supply.
I always hope that people will follow the simple instructions that come with the zappers and wear it more or less constantly for the first month.  These devices are absolutely harmless, after all, and the more they’re used, the more benefits one is likely to experience.  Carol and I still typically keep zappers in our palms each night when we’re asleep. We feel that during those hours the body especially benefits from our zappers’ evident restorative properties.
If you use any zapper for a day or so and feel better or at least no worse than before, then you probably don’t have Lyme sickness and are perhaps already recovering. If you feel worse than before, after a couple of days of zapping, then you may have Lyme sickness or a related chronic condition and ChemBuster, from Dr von Peters’ product site,, probably has a 50% chance of restoring those damaged organs.  If not, then he’s developed a good reputation for curing chronic conditions like these and he works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample. I always recommend trying ChemBuster first.  His email is