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Two years ago, the Idaho State Attorney threatened to prosecute us over the issue of my having used the word, ‘cure’ in the Frequently Asked Questions link to this website.  I had only mentioned the zappers’ track record in the context of certain illnesses and I think that the device’s pretty-consistent success with those conditions was the real issue.  The word, ‘cure,’ is a red herring; a red flag, if you will, that enrages agents of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, who can then induce government agencies to destroy the person who has used the word in support of a healing device or protocol.

Carol got on the phone with that government lawyer who had sent a local cop to hand us her threat envelope and we unlawfully agreed to edit the ‘offending document’ and to not sell any zappers to customers in Idaho.  Shortly after that, all of the cancer c*** testimonials disappeared from our website, which probably indicates that this was a federal/corporate agenda and not just an Idaho agenda.  We get hacked a LOT by NSA and CIA miscreants.  The photo of large, freshly killed (with a simple zapper during a colonic irrigation in 1997) intestinal worms has disappeared from this website many times, for instance, but we’ll get it back onto the homepage ASAP.

I’ve been collecting testimonials from our customers since 1996 but haven’t added any in the past year or so.  So our webmaster and close associate, Laura Weise (‘Dooney’ of advised me to add them, now. [Note from Dooney: You can submit a testimonial under the Testimonial menu or by using the link on the sidebar.] I hope you’ll enjoy reading them but please remember that it’s impossible to predict a certain outcome for anyone who starts using a zapper.  That’s why I vigorously promote Andy’s $35 basic zapper from to all newcomers.  The chances are pretty good that if you discern any benefit from using Andy’s basic zapper you may experience more benefits from using ours.

Carol and I developed that basic model many years ago to distribute during our trips to Africa and most of the testimonials on this site came from users, here and abroad,  of that simple device.  I stopped collecting testimonials for many years and only started again a couple of years ago.  The testimonials we’ve just added are from people who have used our more expensive and more complex Terminator and T-Rx models.  All three models have identical circuits, so one can probably assume that the ‘additional benefits’ of the Terminator and T-Rx are due to the influence of the various subtle energy components that are in our two present models.  The T-Rx, by the way, seems to induce the body to more vigorously expel toxins and this might frighten some people, though it’s a non-traumatic and cyclic process that we believe is ultimately beneficial, assuming that the customer is not pollute himself faster than the body is able to clean itself.

Here’s a YouTube presentation of a little lecture we did when we were about to start selling the T-Rx model (the ‘Lamborghini’):

We were still in the device’s field-testing phase at the time and got a lot of data from people trying it at this event.  We also got a lot healthier in the four years, since then, since we began including superfood and other recommendations from David Wolfe in our diet.  Carol and I have more energy, now, than we did when we got together fifteen years ago.

Dooney and her mate, Dr Stevo, are among a short list of our ‘real friends,’ and we look out for each other in interesting but lawful ways.  I subscribe to the old Persian dictum that ‘A thousand friends is not enough but one enemy is too many,’ but the world is run by parasites and I’ve always had the impression that these macroparasites are closely associated with the equally deadly ones in people’s bodies, which we presumably threaten directly,  so I wake up, most mornings, just grateful to still be alive and not in the largest Gulag Archipelago in recorded history (the vast corporate prison system in the USA, full to the brim with ‘enemies of the state’) on account of some success in the healing trade over the last twenty years.  I love our enemies but I don’t think that our antagonists, the corporate, parasitic world order,  love us.

Another dictum I’m fond of is, ‘Friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies.’  We and our close friends are harmless and benign but we’re streetsmart enough to survive (so far) and we network around the globe. Check out to see how we humanely deal with our assailants.

Most of the pioneers in the healing industry weren’t so fortunate but their demise was much easier for the med/pharma syndicate to accomplish before ‘the whole world was watching.’