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Super CB Raffle Cancelled

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Carol has decided to cancel the Super CB raffle due to lack of interest. Although some tickets have sold, there haven’t been enough sold to cover Carol’s costs. Perhaps this was an idea before it’s time, or perhaps they are meant for another purpose that is yet to be revealed. It’s a mystery!  Carol may decide to try the raffle… Read more »

Carol Croft Super CB Raffle

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Carol’s three super Cloudbusters are now being raffled! These aren’t just ordinary Cloudbusters! These are three-of-a-kind, special edition, signature series, copper-encased Cloudbusters. Carol has been planning these cloudbusters for several years, after finding a large copper tank that she had Don cut into three cloudbuster containers. (What’s a cloudbuster? Click here.) Click here to buy a ticket! Carol says: “We’ve… Read more »

Do Parasites Have Consciousness and Will?

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When I started in this business in early 1996 I soon had an impression that parasites in the body exert some influence on the mind and emotions in order to ‘hold their place’ and not be destroyed.  It reminded me of the way that popular culture is crafted in a way that protects and conceals the two-legged parasites who rule… Read more »

Zappers and The [Alleged] Law

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Many years ago, zappers were very quietly made unlawful in UK and Canada. That spurious law has never been enforced and we have zapper distributors in both countries who have never been directly molested by the corporate gestapo. Those two countries, though, have the highest rate of sabotage of our packages. Canada is the worse of the two and that… Read more »

Powering through another NSA website destruction

On July 15th, our close friend, Chuck Tellechea, died and a week later our websites went offline.  I think that if not for his masterful encryption the sites would have been destroyed a lot faster. I’m going to share some stories about him when I write his eulogy, shortly. Chuck had protected them from hacking and destruction for 8 years.  … Read more »