Super CB Raffle Cancelled

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Carol has decided to cancel the Super CB raffle due to lack of interest. Although some tickets have sold, there haven’t been enough sold to cover Carol’s costs. Perhaps this was an idea before it’s time, or perhaps they are meant for another purpose that is yet to be revealed. It’s a mystery!  Carol may decide to try the raffle at a later date.

Carol will be refunding all of the tickets sold. If your refund isn’t processed immediately please be patient. Carol is currently traveling to Tucson for the gem shows and will not have a lot of time to be on her computer for the next week or so.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

6 thoughts on “Super CB Raffle Cancelled

  1. gilles maurais

    c.est tres malheureux comme situation, avec plus d’années de renseignement et plus de gens seront concerné et interesse par la situation actuel, la comprehension de ces produits vont aller en s’ameliorant car meme les medias
    commence a patiner rapidement, car le %des gens augmente tranquillement, car notre destin sur cette gaya commence a se faire sentir beaucoup plus, les reseaux sociaux et tous les films ne savent plus quoi inventer pour contrer le peu de connaisance du publique
    l’avenir s’annonce prometteur et en beauté mais pas avant 2019 ou 2020

  2. Bernie Franzel

    Hello Carol,
    I am sorry to hear that you had to cancel the CB raffle but I totally understand your reasoning. I had watched a video on YouTube of one of the CB’s being made. The amount of love, attention to detail and not to mention all the raw materials and time that went into creating those CB’s was amazing to me. I knew these were not just ordinary CB’s, but something special and very powerful. After watching the video I went to your website, this is how I learned about the raffle. I have to say they are so beautiful and I’m sure they are more stunning in person. I really wanted to purchase a raffle ticket but my finances would not allow for it, things have not quite gone my way lately. Once I get my income tax check I will have the extra money to purchase a raffle ticket if you decide to hold another drawing. The skies are just terrible here in western Nebraska, there are times we go weeks without seeing real clouds and real blue skies, it is sickening and I want to do something proactive about it other than complaining.
    I will keep checking your website to see what you decide to do with these beautiful pieces of artwork, I really want a chance at owning one. I wish Don and yourself a very healthy and prosperous 2018!

    Thank you for all you do for Mother Earth and humanity!

    Have a great day,


  3. Leif Hosius

    Hi Bernie,
    after learning about the CB’s and carrying the zapper for a while I was so inspired I made my own CB.
    Some people, who didn’t have enough resources, made them from scrap material and you could find their instructions on the internet.
    I highly recommend it, it’s fun and also very gratifying 🙂


    1. Don Croft

      Thanks, Leif, and I need to advise our readers that an awful lot of material (including most of what you may first find in a casual search) is just disinformation. We refer to those sources as ‘NSA/Google’s darlings,’ though I never mention them publicly by name, of course. The original, reliable material and current field reports from around the world are on

  4. Jerry

    I watched the video that was made showing Carol and friend making that awesome device. Altho new at this, I can confidently understand the cost as I’ve incurred a pretty sum for all the stones I’ve purchased during the past 2 months. I could list all the fields of experience I’ve been involved in during my life, but that would only prove I’m a fast learner and get bored easily which is my point. I needed something new to get me moving again and this ORGONE MOVEMENT caught my fancy. With $345.00 for my copper pipes alone I was taken back slightly. So with all the gemstones in Carols work of art (dragons blood isn’t cheap), not to mention solid copper base anyone trying to duplicate it would probably stop 1/2 way thru and say it’s too expensive. The vibes and different feelings I’ve experienced with the small “1st try” pyramids I have made (and the fist size single pointed rose quartz less than 2 feet from my sleepy head), being near her CB would have to produce some wild vibes. I appreciate all the help you’ve provided this old VET. I’m not giving up yet, so don’t you either. Next time she puts it up, shoot us all an e-mail, I’m definitely in!!

    1. Don Croft

      You’ve made a good start, Jerry. The only way to comprehend these dynamics is to experiment and pay attention. We always recommend starting with towerbusters rather than a CB, though. If the death towers around your area haven’t been busted, yet, then you’re not likely to see much effect from teh CB, either. Carol and I were fortunate that we were able to observe the CBs effects for many months before those millions of death towers went up around the world in late 2001. We spent the next year in frustration until we figured out that when orgonite is put near all of hte death towers, they’re turned into life force generators, so the net effect in the world and atmosphere are much more powerfully positive than if the death towers had not been erected 😉


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