Free Flight: My Motivation to Stay Healthy

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When Carol and I got together, almost 18 years ago, I was pretty healthy, even though I was living in vagabondage.  In those days, while recovering from a horrid divorce and the loss of my home, family and business, I also found zappers and eventually got a website for selling them. I already knew how to choose wholesome food over weaponized corporate food.  Until the zappers started selling online I traveled around painting signs for my modest needs.

We spent our first year on the road, living in the camper that I’d built, a year before that

You can see that I’d put on about sixty pounds in the second photo 😉 and I kept all that baggage for many years, until I decided to take up flying in 2007.  I used Nutrisystem to take off the weight during the time I was taking flying lessons at Coeur d’Alene airport in Idaho because I also bought a Skyraider ultralight airplane kit, which was the plane I soloed in at the end of that year.  I was too fat to fly most ultralights, before, so that was my motivation to drop the pounds.

I kept most of it off since then but I managed to stay at my present, more optimal weight range when I began to learn to fly paragliders in 2012.  If I get too fat, these days, a week or so on an HCG regimen quickly gets me back down and allows me to have enough energy to get through the days.   I took up paragliding because I kept breaking equipment on my powered paraglider because I wasn’t intimately familiar with this nearly organic wing form.  I was surprised to discover that flying paragliders was causing me to become intimately familiar with the dynamics of our atmosphere, rather, and that feeds my spirit in a way that nothing else has done. I still fly powered aircraft, mainly to help in our desert-reversal efforts (dropping orgonite) and to reach and neutralize death towers and weather weaponry that are in restricted locations.  Orgonite turns these millions of obtuse weapons into life force generators, more specifically, and the enemy are too stupid/arrogant to just turn them off after we’ve treated them.

This is my beloved KitFox Lite and the trailer I built to haul aircraft.  The wings fold back. It’s flown many missions 😉

Meanwhile, David Wolfe had started to promote our zappers in 2010 and we gradually absorbed an appreciation for superfoods and raw food.  I started using an Excelsior food dryer t make kale chips, ‘brownies,’ and other vital snacks and about four years ago I started eating kale salads most days.  I think I’ve eaten a truckload of kale since then and have never felt better.  I regularly eat meat only because Owen Marcus, who did Rolfing treatments on my for several months, last year, said that he won’t work on vegetarians because the work ‘doesn’t keep’ with them.  I gained almost 3/4″ of height from the Rolfing and generally feel terrific since then. I also get over my petty injuries (from hard landings, mainly) quickly, too.  Of course, our PEMT machine especially speeds tissue healing and we use that religiously.

I recently bought Carol a freeze drier because she really wanted one but was afraid to spend the money for it.  I’ll update about that before long because when she drives to Tucson in a few weeks to do our annual gem shopping she intends to take along a big stock of freeze-dried, wholesome food.  I’ll still make food in the drier.   I mainly eat that while I’m traveling.

Dr von Peters (, meanwhile, continues to help us overcome the occasional poison-metal assaults by the sewer rats (that’s what I call secret police) and the hair test results that he sends us show us our progress with diet over the years.  After we started eating a lot of superfood and raw food our mineral balance has been pretty good, especially considering that we’re middle-aged folks.   Carol has been studying Advanced Biofeedback in the past year and this, too, apparently gives accurate feedback on mineral balance and the presence of poisonous metals. It takes awhile to get proficient with this very complex tech but her psychic gift is going to allow here to excel at it, I’m sure.  Our friend, Carmen, is studying with Carol but has made terrific progress because it’s her main focus, these days.

Owen is getting regular treatments from Carmen, now, and that’s a terrific endorsement.   I spent a year in the Sandpoint Mens Group effort that he initiated 13 years ago and this, too has impacted my health in a positive way because I learned the benefit of sharing my emotional growth with other men for the first time.

I wish I could say that zappers fix everything that’s wrong with our bodies but that’s just not so, especially in the countries where weaponized corporate food prevails. That’s why we took zappers to Africa, many years ago. It might be one of the few regions on earth where one can clearly see what zappers can do for sufferers of natural sicknesses. I’ll be going back to East Africa as soon as our many associates, there, are finally self-reliant from their orgonite sales.  They’re steadily progressing toward that happy state and it’s the first place in the world where orgonite and zappers are becoming popularly known.  I intend to first learn Swahili in Tanzania so that I can interview everyone I meet.

It’s my nature to love helping and healing people and it’s also my nature to hate tyranny and to do my best to undermine and neutralize it.   Our two efforts (this website and are in close harmony.

But the main reason I pursue health and vitality is so that I can keep flying paragliders until I drop dead 😉 .






2 thoughts on “Free Flight: My Motivation to Stay Healthy

  1. gilles maurais

    j’ai acheter un billet pour gagner un des cloudbuster, je le souhaite, je me sers toujours de mon zapper et ca ma aider au niveau musculaire, je me sent beaucoup mieux et en esperant que il va y avoir beaucoup plus de gens qui vont s’informer au niveau des orgonites et des cloudbuster, continuer a flyer avec vos petites avions moi de mon coté je suis une formation sur les drones
    ps=au plaisir et continuer votre beau travail

    1. Don Croft Post author

      I buy a ticket to win a cloudbuster, I wish, I always use my zapper and it helps me muscular, I feel much better and hoping that there will be many more people who go learn about the orgonites and cloudbuster, continue to fly with your little planes me on my side I’m training on drones]

      Thanks, Gilles, and best wishes for your progress with the drone!

      Carol just bought me a Mavic Pro folding tracking drone that will follow and film me when I fly the paraglider ;-). I can carry it in my pack/harness to mountain tops, along with my wing.

      I also intend to use it to show the equipment on the death towers in order to demonstrate that they’re weapons and not communication towers.

      I see that the GPS positioning of drones is interfered with when they’re near the top of those towers but they can also be flown manually, so no problem.


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