An Example of Overt Suppression of Healers

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Neva is a registered nurse who also has  has been selling our zappers to her customers.  Before that, she had a radio show and informed her listeners in a powerful way about healing. One reason I’m posting this is to run some interference against the sewer rat agencies so that she can get back on the air.

Here’s the zapper promotion on her blogsite:

Here’s what she wrote in answer to my questions  about the poisoning and typically weird interference she was subjected to by the sewer rat agencies, presumably on behalf of the pharma cartel:

Don, God always links us with the people who we need to help us get the job done or aid in our healing.
I told the MRI Tech that it felt like the syringe was switched. I also complained to my nurse and they both thought I was being paranoid. My nurse even convinced me that I was experiencing reaction from my Smart Meter. I didn’t buy it but I moved to another room farther away from the meter as it does cause problems.
I was on the radio too, and got off due to the harassment and intimidation. I wasn’t afraid for myself but I didn’t want to risk getting my daughter and family hurt.
They tried running me off the road twice.
So, I got the message and began broadcasting remotely, not live in the radio studio. Then they mailed my grand daughter a couple gifts from me, just to let me know that they knew where my family lived. I convinced my daughter and her husband to move in the middle of her cancer battle. They did, and I stayed away just in case they were still following me. That way they wouldn’t know the new address.
Well, they mailed my grand daughter a new jogging suit as a gift from grandma. I was shocked when she called to thank me. I was never at the new address and didn’t even know it. I couldn’t convince my daughter I didn’t send the gift. I told her that I didn’t know her new address and to not allow my grand daughter to wear the outfit. Too late, she already did. I couldn’t even tell her what was going on as she was still fighting cancer and stress is not good for cancer patients. I just stop broadcasting completely. Everyone wanted to know why the show was suddenly off the air. I just said I was tired. Not on local radio and not on BlogTalk Radio either. But I’ll be going back to radio…soon. I’m no longer afraid.
So, I understand the harassment that can come from the creepy crawlies…yea, they make my skin crawl.
This is not a free country…You have all these documents saying there is freedom of speech etc. but that is all a lie. Too much harassment for those who know and want to share the truth.
They took over my phone for almost a week. I took it to the phone store to buy a new one and the owner of the store unblocked it. He said he’s a better hacker so I shouldn’t have that problem again. I have no idea what he did but he unblocked it so I could use it.
My home WiFi is blocked, so I cannot use it. My friend gave me an external WiFi so I can use my computer at home. They tore down my websites and gave me so much work to put them back together. Facebook took down our Stroke Foundation page because someone told them I was a fake person using a fake name…I was using my legal name. So I got off Facebook for a while. But I went back using my maiden name and Pet name…That’s Ok with them. How ironic.
They even had my job coming after me for posting about Natural Healing Therapies on Facebook.  Now they don’t find me as they don’t know the name I’m using. They do are despicable. They made me so mad I decided to make this new website…I am not afraid anymore.
Yea, I’ve been using oral chelation with Zeolite and some other chelating minerals. I was a mess before I figured out that I was poisoned in the hospital. It was the Gadolinium…They gave me double portion that last time. I felt it immediately but they all thought I was being paranoid.  Imagine that. I will check out the email you shared.
Thank you for the Zappers. They definitely helped to improve my quality of life. You and Carol are a true blessing.
With much appreciation and love.
[Don here]  Some of our closer associates in Europe have been gangstalked.  I don’t think the FBI, etc., want to try that on Carol and I because we have fun confronting their felonious agents in the field when we spot them. I call them felons because their agencies and jobs are literally against the US Constitution–all made possible by FDR’s NationalSocialist  Raw Deal which instantly turned that document into toilet paper.  England, Russia, Germany, Italy and the US became socialist dictatorships after WWI.  China followed suit in 1949–left and right were by then wings of the same noxious bird.
There’s plenty of documented evidence about WWII being a cynically-managed conflict. I don’t consider the victors to be ‘the greatest generation,’ because I think the present one will be considered the greatest, simply because we’re the ones waking up to ancient the rule of parasites and some of us are doing something about it in an effective way.  The personal sacrifices made by people on both sides of any managed, armed conflict can be praiseworthy, of course, so there are some really old war heroes who are still alive in Germany and Japan, for instance, as well as in the victors’ countries. It’s said, by the way, that the Nazis didn’t lose the war but the German people sure did.  The disgusting CIA was populated with SS war criminals, for instance, when it was born in 1947.
Many years ago, our close associate, DB in Pasadena, who was in a position to have direct knowledge of such things, told us that the FBI, etc, recruit operatives (gangstalkers, for instance) directly from prison but they’re on a leash and can’t carry guns. He told us that the FBI simply kills them after a couple of months. I assume the other sewer rat agencies, such as CIA and NSA, do the same. Carol and I were surrounded by a SWAT team in Florida when we were busting up the hurricane agenda in 2006 and I was surrounded by Men in Black in 2002 after I dropped orgonite along  all of streets that form the inverted pentacle on which Washington, DC, is laid out. I first thought they were just angry morticians with buzz cuts in cheap suits and with guns in ankle holsters but they each arrived in a new Lincoln Town Car.
A rich, balanced and accomplished fellow whom I once worked with, who had been in the US army in France in the early 1950s,  told me that the German Gestapo became Interpol when the war ended and that Interpol was recruiting from prisons, then.  Rather than just shoot them after a few months, though, they moved them around in Europe on a regular basis so that they would not be able to develop their own local criminal networks in their spare time.
The reason I call this website, World Without Parasites, is because I want the world’s body politic to become entirely free from the two legged parasites who are accustomed to ruling it, just like zappers allow us to free our own bodies from parasites.  Our closely related but extracurricular orgonite fieldwork for the past 17 years is recorded on our not-for-profit international network site,



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